After a few months of planning your wedding, you begin to realize just how many details you need to share with your guests in order for everyone to be prepared for your wedding day. Since there is limited space on your wedding invitations, it’s useful to have all the necessary information in one convenient location for your guests to refer to. A well-constructed wedding website can be the perfect place to do just that, so let’s cover a few things you can include that we have seen get great responses from couples and their guests.

Your Story

For you and your significant other, you know all there is to know about one another, but for many of your guests they really only know one side of the story. Telling the story of your relationship through text and visual imagery will make your guests feel more connected to you both.

The same holds true for your bridal party. Your bridal party is an integral part of your wedding, but to many guests, they are complete strangers. In order to make everyone feel more comfortable and a part of the celebration, here are a few stories your guests will be interested in learning more about:

  • The story of how the bride and groom met

  • Photos of the lovely couple

  • The story of the proposal

  • Your favorite engagement photos

  • A section dedicated to the bridal party with sentence or two about each member and an attached image



With all the mail we get on a constant basis it’s not surprising to learn that many people end up misplacing wedding stationery that has important details of the event. By answering all the logistical questions your guests may have, it provides a more streamlined experience and allows you to politely direct any queries you receive to your website. Some basic information that guests will most likely inquire about are:

  • Wedding Date

  • Venue location

  • Directions + maps

  • Wedding schedule

  • Dress code

  • Menu and information for guests with food allergies or diet restrictions

  • Whether or not it’s a cash bar

Out of Towners

For those who have never been to the city in which you are hosting your wedding, we’re sure it’d be greatly appreciated to pay them some special attention, showing just how much you appreciate their trip. As a courtesy to those making the long haul, providing them with travel information directly on your wedding website will save them hours of research on information such as:

  • The nearest airport

  • Recommended hotels

  • Contact information and booking codes for hotels where you have reserved a room block

  • Transportation information including any discounts you’ve secured for airport shuttles or rental cars

  • Whether or not there is a shuttle bus from the ceremony to the reception

  • Local recommendations for things to do during their stay


The more options you provide to your guests the more likely things are to be completed in a timely manner. Many websites have automated RSVP features that allow your guests to RSVP with a click of their smartphone, and all responses are automatically tracked and categorized. Not only does this save you from manually tracking all your response cards, which some guests will still prefer to use, it also minimizes the number of calls you will have to make to friends and family who lost their response cards or never made it to the post office to mail them.


Bringing up the registry can be awkward for many couples, and most of your guests are unsure what items to give as a gift. By embedding your registry on your page and creating a short message that provides some insight into your item selection, it gives your guests additional information that will help them choose a gift and also serves as a reminder that the registry exists.


Your Personal Wedding Website

With all the options available for building your website, you can customize your page to perfectly fit the theme of your wedding. Get creative and have fun with your website and chances are your guests will have fun using it too!

Contact us for more information on how we can tell your love story. We would love to walk you through our amazing packages, wedding albums, canvases, and other print photography products. We look forward to providing you with more information on our Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography and the opportunity to introduce you to our team!

Paul Bolton