Wedding trends that age well - Bride and groom holding one another in front of the ocean.

Trends are always rising and falling and for the most part, a bad trend just makes for some pretty hilarious pictures. When it comes to your wedding however, you don’t want all your pictures spoiled by clothing or decorations that make you cringe and question your decision making. Enjoy your wedding pictures and video for years to come by sticking to these wedding trends that age well. 

Customized Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress is probably what you’ll be shopping around for first, and is arguably one of the most important details of your big day. In fact, many brides center the rest of their wedding theme around that perfect dress! Naturally, you want to look your very best, but you also want to reflect your personality. The best way to do that is through your dress and many designers are realizing brides don’t want to look like anyone else- they want to stand out on their wedding day and wear something that fits their personalities! Even if your design includes a few details you questions later, it will reflect your personality at the time of your wedding, which is something worth remembering. 


Mother earth has been around long before any of us her sense of decoration is still going strong. Most couples will have flowers at their wedding but adding some greenery in the mix can create a truly unique look that will still look great every time you flip open your photo album.   

The First Look

As you plan your big day you’ll begin to realize that there is a lot excitement to fit into one day. If you want to maximize your time for special events, but still get those coveted romantic photos of you and your groom without losing a chance to capture his expression of seeing you for the first time, then a First Look is the way to go! This tradition has been around for decades and it still popular because it ensures there is plenty of time to capture images of the two of you before the hustle and bustle of your wedding begins.

Out of the Ordinary Venues 

The venue you choose is another visual representation of your personality. An outdoor wedding vs an indoor wedding, the decorations you choose, the theme, and the style of your venue all give insight into what you like. When selecting your venue, don’t worry so much about tradition as what feels right for you. Traditions don’t last forever, but if you choose a venue based on your wants and desires, it is a trend that is sure to age well.  

Hanging Floral

This may be considered as trendy, but let’s not forget that one of the seven wonders of the world is the hanging gardens of Babylon, which gives us complete confidence that this is a wedding trend that is sure to age well! By adding details above the tables and dance floor, you will create a more intimate and magical atmosphere. You also don’t have to spend a fortune to make this work. Save the more expensive blooms for the tables and use more wallet-friendly greenery in hanging displays.

Trends that Fit Your Style 

No matter what style, theme, or trend you use for your wedding be sure to make it about you as a couple. The more you focus your attention on trends that make sense for you, the more likely those wedding trends are to age well.

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