BRIDAL STYLE: Wined and Dined - A West Coast Vineyard Wedding


Leal Vineyards | Hollister, CA

Bride and groom on a field of green in front of a giant 3-d love sign.

The love of wine is about so much more than simply taste. It is an experience of culture, history, tradition as well as a symbol of celebration. Plus, the locations where some of your favorite wines are made are some of the most beautiful in the world! Which, is why Charisse and Joshua decided to host their wedding day in Hollister, California immersed in a vineyard theme; creating the ultimate experience for their guests!

The barrel room at the Leal Vineyard prepared for a wedding reception.

Being surrounded by barrels of wine creates a complete sensory experience. From the aroma of aged wood, to the taste of grapes aged to perfection, to the stunning visual presentations, C + J’s wedding day allowed both the connoisseurs and wine newbies to sink into the elegant energy vineyards present.

Married couple sitting at wedding reception table in front of wine barrels.

Contrary to what one may believe, wine in and of itself doesn’t constitute a vineyard wedding theme. But, it wouldn’t be complete without a few glasses being poured! Although wine is fantastic served in a variety of ways, it truly shines when properly paired with a well-prepared meal.

With most of us knowing the color (red or white) we enjoy, the subtle flavors often fall to the wayside when considering how they are best paired with food. However, in true vineyard theme, C + J thought of it all! With each wedding course, there was a meticulously planned wine pairing to accompany it. This, gave guests the opportunity to appreciate those subtle flavors more distinctly, while tucking some knowledge into their back pocket!

Wedding reception table decorated with wood accents to match their vineyard wine barrel theme.

Like the subtle flavors in wine, this wedding decor was designed with attention to the smallest details. Tying in the wooden barrels, guests experienced the vintage oak while walking by the welcome signs, writing well wishes in the guest book, and enjoying their party favors; all designed around a rustic-modern wooden design.

Newlywed couple kissing outdoors with the sun setting at the Leal Vineyards.

Now, as you strive to create the perfectly themed wedding, there’s one thing to consider most: location, location, location! Although elegantly designed, with the finest details hidden in their guests’ experience, C + J’s vineyard themed wedding would not have been the same without the backdrop of California’s rolling green hills, sunshine setting behind the countryside and rows of organized grapes lining the venue property. 

If this wedding is leaving you quenching for a vineyard themed day, consider the season to include an outdoor element or pack your bags to enjoy a trip to some of the world’s most beautiful vineyard locations! Either way, we’ll meet you there! 

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