BRIDAL STYLE: Anchored in Love - A Nautical Themed Wedding


A newlywed couple exit their wedding ceremony on the deck of a yacht.

Being under the open sky presents a quality of freedom that makes any outdoor celebration feel grand. For Jennifer and Brandon’s wedding, they decided to take the freedom of the outdoors a step further by stepping off the shore and taking to the sea on a nautical themed wedding adventure!

A nautical themed wedding invitation and admission ticket

From day 1, the nautical theme was used to build their guests' anticipation for an ocean bound wedding cruise. Invitations with a simple watercolor design, featuring a sailboat floating along the ocean were accompanied by an admission ticket, making each guest feel like a VIP. These admission tickets also carried with them important wedding details such as the date, time, and location as a physical reminder that guests could carry with them until they punched their ticket at the ship’s port.

Wedding bands perched on the thick rope of ship.

Although every guest may not have been an experienced boater, those who were knew the value of having plenty of rope on hand. Draped in multiple locations throughout the ship, the thoughts of guests were subconsciously drawn towards those of strength and safety from not only a literal perspective, but one that was symbolic of marriage. Subtle accents like these, unique to the sea and their relationship, were the perfect additions to J + B’s nautical wedding decor.

An open sky nautical wedding ceremony on the deck of a ship/yacht.

The decor options for a nautical themed wedding are tremendous; from the many hues of blue to accents utilizing the shape and fabric of sails, the opportunities are immense. That being said, nothing says nautical like having your ceremony on a ship itself. J + B hosted their ceremony on the deck of the Yacht Starship IV, with the most beautiful hues of blue glistening in their surroundings - clear blue skies and the Atlantic ocean. Thus, creating an experience like nothing their guests have had before.

With nature playing a part in their stunning ship experience, their need for additional decor was minimal. But, in true J + B style, they were able to add luxurious additions that kept them far from going overboard. With the waves crashing beneath them as they shared their vows, their guests were WOW’d by the red and white roses intertwined in a bed of lush green adorning the ships anchor, serving as a replacement for the Catholic cross present at many wedding ceremonies. This creative addition allowed guests to remember the reason for celebration, while enjoying the nautical vibe.

A nautical themed wedding reception table.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony and beginning of the reception, guests were greeted by table cards that tied back to the invitations they first received months before. Featuring a similar watercolor design, the soft blues gave an elegant appearance of rolling ocean waves, similar to what they had just heard during J + B’s wedding ceremony. Anchored to the table with coiled lengths of manila rope, these simple table settings completed the perfect circle from start to finish, tying everything together - including tying the knot!

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