BRIDAL STYLE: Shrouded in Mystery - A Masquerade Themed Wedding


Glen Magna Farms | Danvers, MA


If asked to describe a wedding, the words beautiful, fun, or touching probably come to mind. But what about mysterious? On Besiana and Alexander’s wedding day they added an element of the unknown to their celebration with a 15th-century tradition that is both classy and fun. Uncover how they did it by removing the mask of their masquerade themed wedding day!


Choosing a tradition for their wedding theme that dates back hundreds of years, B + A selected timeless wedding colors that would fit just as well in the 15th century as they do today. When guests arrived at their tables, the first serving on their gold-trimmed plates wasn’t an appetizer but gold-colored masquerade masks to wear during a night of shadowy entertainment.


In a bold move that is rarely considered, Besiana ditched the bouquets of both her and her bridesmaids in favor of feather fans that provided a more vintage feel. Although flowers were still seen sparingly throughout the wedding night, the occasional appearance of these vibrant natural creations had a more powerful impact on the décor.


The feather fans weren’t the only items that contributed to the vintage feel of the wedding night. Committing to their masquerade theme early in the planning phase, Besiana went all in, foregoing distinct modern options in favor of a fashionable wedding dress that can easily be passed down for generations to come. The birdcage veil with matching feathers was the proverbial icing on the cake!


Taking a short intermission, Besiana reappeared to get their masquerade celebration swinging in full force with a change of dress and an exchange of her veil for the same masquerade mask that was found waiting at the guest tables at the start of the reception. B + A continued to set the atmosphere for their masquerade ball beyond the masks, by performing a ballroom style dance under subdued lighting to the awe of their guests. From beginning to end, every detail was carefully planned for a full immersion into Besiana and Alexander’s Masquerade themed wedding.

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