BRIDAL STYLE: Blossoming Love - A Floral Themed Wedding


Newport Beach House | Middletown, RI


Flowers are no stranger to weddings, but when the floral selections, colors, and placements are arranged to perfection they have an unforgettable impact that feels totally fresh and new. For Jamie and Kevon’s Rhode Island wedding, rather than incorporating flowers into their wedding theme, they made one of nature’s finest creation the focal point with a floral themed wedding.


There is something to be said for the beauty of uniformity. By matching particular elements, you are able to draw the attention of your guests, highlighting what aspects are most important to you. Jamie, using this trick beautifully, crafted her bridal and bridesmaid bouquets using uniform elements, so that when standing together their bouquets appeared as a single connecting arch, coalescing at the center where Jamie stood radiant in her wedding gown, like a rose blossoming among its budding companions.


Returning to the origins of where their wedding theme was harvested, Jamie and Kevon took to the outdoors for a breathtaking couple’s session. Like a dream come true, the bride and her prince charming strode hand-in-hand through a field of yellow daffodils, taking full advantage of their wedding’s location to capture both the wild and refined aspects of their floral wedding theme.


Bringing the wild nature of the outdoors inside for their ceremony, J + K created lush flower trellises that appeared to grow from the walls of the venue itself. Sharing their vows flanked by these gorgeous rose studded creations, the source of these blooms seemed to come alive from the love of the happy couple and the life-giving ocean which served as the backdrop for their beach house ceremony.  


To cap off their night with dessert as sweet as their love, J + K presented a gold-capped wedding cake with flowers cascading down the sides and pooling at the base like an aromatic waterfall. Substituting a white cake for the white roses present throughout the other floral elements of their wedding theme, J + K selected a variety of pink roses that looked as edible as the cake itself. 

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