BRIDAL STYLE: A Rustic Affair For The Ages


Rustic themed wedding - Bride and groom kiss in front of geometric wooden arches.

Pop out those Pinterest boards and take note, because Stephanie and Bobby’s rustic-themed wedding was everything you need to create a setting full of countryside charm and adorably romantic vibes you and your guests will undoubtedly remember for years on end!

The happy couple’s wedding took place at Rosewood Farms in the heart of Elkton, Maryland as they exchanged vows in front of a geometric wooden wedding arch accented with white rose florals. Family and guests gathered in a scenic grassy oasis, just one of the venue’s multiple ceremony sites.

Rustic themed wedding - White flowers in a wooden barrel.

Stephanie and Bobby’s guests were immediately enveloped by a sense of charming simplicity upon first sight of the ceremony. When looking back on their special day, we couldn’t have pictured a better backdrop to photograph their wedding!

Rustic themed wedding - DIY dessert table featuring hand-crafted wooden signs.

The warm touches and DIY details were spread throughout the reception, from hand-crafted wooden signs to vintage barrels topped with bright floral arrangements. Together, each unique piece brought in a relaxed-yet-updated farmhouse aesthetic (and we totally have Joanna Gaines to thank for that!).

Rustic themed wedding - Reception hall featuring large white floral centerpieces and neutral color tones.

When walking into the reception, guests were greeted with a much more modern-rustic impression, yet still complimenting the rustic vibes. Decor included massive white floral centerpieces and neutral tones, and the ballroom’s farmhouse-style doors and wooden ceiling panels couldn’t have been a more perfect touch!

Rustic themed wedding - A table of wedding favors holding succulent plants wrapped in burlap.

As a sweet ‘thank you’ to guests, succulent plants wrapped in burlap were given as wedding favors upon their exit out of the venue. These added the perfect touch to the couple’s rustic vibes as family and friends will surely never forget such a special evening. Stephanie and Bobby’s wedding was a night that truly didn’t ‘Succ’!

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