BRIDAL STYLE: 'Shaping' The Way With Modern Romance


Modern Wedding Theme - Bride and at head table featuring flowers with vibrant colors and geometric shapes.

If you’re in need of wedding inspiration that is truly '“out of this world” (or you’re simply looking to be amazed), your tedious Pinterest search is officially over. We are still in complete awe of this Malibu wedding, which showcases vibrant, deep hues mixed with unique geometric shapes.

For the couple with a knack for all things current and contemporary, like Meredith and Arjun, this modern romantic wedding style is sure to bring your love story full circle!

Modern Wedding Theme - Guest tables featuring a mixture of materials and deep earth tones.

Not only was Meredith and Arjun’s wedding filled with laughter and celebration, but the reception’s sleek, dramatic details helped bring their love to life. The room was dripping in dark hues and stunning gold accents, as well as fresh florals paired with geometric toppers that coated each table.

The couple used a mixture of materials and deep earth tones to emphasize the event’s modern theme, from the tableware to the desserts. Together, the bold, yet chic design aspects completely elevated the entire aesthetic and (lucky for us) made for effortlessly radiant wedding photography to admire for a lifetime!

Modern Wedding Theme - A chic, intergalactic themed wedding cake.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, we’re simply at a loss for words when staring at (and drooling over) this piece of work that serves as much more than a wedding cake. This chic, intergalactic work of art truly stole the show (aside from the bride and groom, of course!) and will undoubtedly be admired as such before being served and enjoyed by Meredith and Arjun’s guests.

Modern Wedding Theme - Martinis garnished with floating star confetti.

To top it all off, the bride and groom even curated themed cocktails that featured the latest in custom creations. Martinis were garnished with floating star confetti and perfectly encapsulated the modern elegance of the entire celebration.

Meredith and Arjun’s wedding was truly an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience their guests will surely gaze back on for lightyears to come!

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