BRIDAL STYLE: A Charming Countryside Wedding Celebration


Firefly Farm | Wimberely, TX

An outdoor wedding ceremony at a small countryside chapel.

Simply put, country weddings are just that: simple, charming and comforting with their own unique touch of romance. There’s nothing quite like the ambiance of a country-themed wedding, in large part due to the richness of the property’s amenities and historic architecture.

We couldn’t say enough good things about Katie and Bradley’s wedding day. In the heart of Texas, just an hour outside of Austin, the happy couple tied the knot at Firefly Farm — a quaint countryside venue, complete with an outdoor chapel and indoor “party barn” — just the perfect setting to get your country on!

Long wooden wedding reception tables decorated with eucalyptus runners and jute twine.

If we were to dedicate a Pinterest board to “country-themed weddings”, you’ll likely find yourself gushing over decor and details full of wood, mason jars and burlap. Katie and Bradley’s guests sat amongst themselves on tables covered in lush eucalyptus runners and place settings wrapped in jute twine.

Wooden tables and matching chairs in different styles complimented the overall aesthetic as friends and family sat around in complete bliss as they celebrated the love of their beloved newlyweds.

Wedding reception seat assignments drawn on a chalkboard and placed atop a wooden barrel.

Upon entering the barn following the ceremony, barrels were used as table pieces to show guests to their assigned tables. Floral color palettes featuring light and neutral tones added a hint of ‘country chic’ charm to the ceremony and reception sites.

A wedding band performing on a wooden stage in a barn.

Country roots or not, every Texas wedding calls for a bangin’ band to ring in the night’s festivities. Firefly Farm’s reception barn features a stage for any band (or DJ) to make you feel as if you’re sitting front row at your very own show!

Bride and groom cutting their rustic wedding cake with unfinished white frosting.

Every little detail from Katie and Bradley’s wedding night perfectly enveloped a homestyle country feel… and yes, even the wedding cake! On the dessert menu was a trendy “naked” cake with unfinished white frosting. The rustic appeal of the three-tiered final course truly was the cherry on top of the most magical evening!

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