BRIDAL STYLE: The Belle of the Ball - A Historic Ballroom Wedding


Floral Terrace | Floral Park, NY

Bride and groom kissing under a streetlight.

There are few events that radiate class more so than a ballroom wedding. Summoning images of women in long flowing dresses and men in tailored tuxedos, a ballroom wedding is the perfect opportunity to dress the part and engage in a night of elegance. With few better places to host such an event, Kiana and Alex provided a true ballroom experience for their guests at the historic Floral Terrace in Long Island, NY.

A sweetheart table decorated with candelabras, a white boa, wine bottles, and high-backed decorative chairs.

With a sweetheart table worthy of royalty, K + A were able to set the tone for the night as soon as their guests entered the reception hall and viewed their magnificent arrangement. High-backed decorative chairs that appeared more like thrones than seats, staggered candelabras that made the couple glow with light and love, each detail added to the elegance that was at the heart of their ballroom wedding night.

Bride and groom kissing in a ballroom under a large chandelier.

As the night progressed K + A utilized their ballroom venue to the fullest potential by taking to the dance floor and sharing a ballroom dance as their first dance as husband and wife. In true Hollywood fashion, they finished their dance with a picture-perfect kiss, basking in the light of the venue’s gorgeous chandelier.

Ballroom wedding from the perspective of the sweetheart table.

After taking to their sweetheart table, K + A made sure their guests were completely immersed in the luxurious experience of their ballroom wedding by including their taste buds with some fine dining. Knowing full well what a difference your meal selection can make in how your guests remember your wedding night, Kiana and Alex went the full nine yards, providing a 5-course meal that kicked off with a champagne toast, and finished with a wedding cake that had jaws dropping in awe and anticipation.

Wedding cake designed with a black and white portrait of the Eiffel Tower.

With the history of ballrooms rooted in French culture, K + A incorporated perhaps the most iconic piece of French architecture into their ballroom wedding theme. A surreal portrait of the Eiffel Tower tied together the history of their theme, and put a delicious cap on a night of romance and extravagance.  

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