BRIDAL STYLE: There's No Place Like Home - Inspiration For A Backyard Wedding


Wallingford, CT


There are few places that hold a more special place in our hearts than our childhood homes. The memories and the comfort within those familiar walls create a genuine environment where we can relax and truly be ourselves. Wishing to create an intimate wedding day experience, there was no location more fitting for Christina and Luke to share their big day than their own backyard at their family’s gorgeous Connecticut home.


A backyard wedding theme is about so much more than simply the location. It is a reminder that the special relationships you cherish as individuals will always be welcome in your home throughout your married life as well. To make their outdoor wedding environment truly feel like home, C + L gave every detail that homemade appearance by DIY’ing the majority of their decorations from the welcome table, to the seating chart, and even their sweetheart table. Everything about the day seemed to have the couple’s personal touch embedded at its core.  


In an unconventional move to match their unconventional environment, C + L sat their guests at long wooden tables that provided an atmosphere more akin to family dinner or a BBQ with friends than a traditional wedding seating arrangement. Knowing that their guest list was full of only their dearest family and friends, Christina and Luke were able to create an intimate seating arrangement that prompted more interaction and conversation between the parties they wished to bring closer together.


In favor of keeping things mobile and easy to pack up, (understandable when hosting a house party), rather than hopping in the car to stock the bar, C + L had the bar come to them. Rounding the house and heading towards the garage, guests could choose their favorite wines, beers and cocktails from amiable bartenders who made it feel like they were old friends, there to show off their bartender skills!


When the couple wanted a few moments alone during the reception, rather than isolating themselves from their guests, they took the time to make a memory the same way they would with their guests throughout the night; in the photo booth! Snapping a few photos in their mobile photo booth, created from a vintage van, was a throwback to the summer days they spent cruising the town with friends. Providing a print for every guest, C + L captured the fun and sent guests home with a memory and a reminder that every moment is worth cherishing.

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See more of their wonderful backyard wedding by watching their wedding video below!

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