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Is wedding registry etiquette stopping you from asking for the gifts you truly want? When it comes to wedding registries, the guidelines are no longer as strict as they once were. In fact, most guests would rather contribute to something you are sure to enjoy rather than household items that may go unused. Experiences, not things, are the new standard for happiness and today we’re sharing our tips on how you can set up a wedding registry for experiences you’ll love!

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Honeymoon Funds

One of the most memorable trips a couple can take is their honeymoon. Most couples have been thinking about their honeymoon long before their wedding day arrives, and know exactly where they want to go and how much it will cost. With sites like Honeyfund you can set up cash registries that details where your honeymoon will be and what activities you would like to do once you get there. Add things like airfare, hotel costs, spa days, and more so your guests can view your itinerary and contribute to your honeymoon fund with just a few clicks! Just make sure you take plenty of pictures, because with all your friends and family knowing what a fun honeymoon you have planned, they will definitely want to share in the joy!

Activity Packages

Even if you don’t plan on taking a honeymoon, there are plenty of activities you can do right in your own city. City tours, annual theme park passes, and helicopters rides are just a few examples of experiences you can have without ever leaving the states, and can be added directly to your wedding registry when you sign up with Zola. If you wish to maintain the etiquette of a traditional wedding registry, you can even connect multiple registries to include household items along with your experiences.

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A Weekend Getaway

Unless you are planning to depart for your honeymoon directly after your wedding day, it can feel a little abrupt to suddenly resume your everyday lives after all the anticipation and excitement leading up to your big day. Taking a couple days to relax and enjoy being married can be the perfect way to ease back into your daily routine. Honeymoon Wishes, with their extensive list of hotel partners, makes it easy to find hotels in your area that you can book for the days immediately following your wedding. With over 45 thousand options and the ability for guests to pay for part or all of the cost, you can find the perfect location for a weekend getaway to add to your wedding registry.     

Learn Something New

As a married couple, it’s just as important to grow as individuals as it is together. Which, makes lessons the gift that keeps on giving! Things like cooking classes are not only a fun date night you can share together, they may even save you from countless arguments over who should make dinner! There are tons of lessons you can share as a couple, so consider your shared interests and narrow down a few classes to include in your registry.

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The New and Improved Wedding Registry Etiquette

With more and more couples having already established a life together before tying the knot, incorporating experiences into your wedding registry is becoming more common. Not only does this allow you to plan quality time together, but it allows you to include your friends and family by sharing your experiences via photos, updates, and tales of your adventures. The new wedding registry etiquette calls for experiences that create fulfillment and joy in your life, so get creative and begin forging the wedding registry of your dreams!

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