Wedding Planning Tips


Guests, Then Venue

What we mean is to estimate the amount of guests you want to attend your wedding before you actually book your venue. Of course, you will not be able to determine the exact amount of guests attending your wedding so far in advance, but you can at least estimate the amount. The size of your wedding helps to determine the size of your venue space. Remember, your wedding will include a crew as well as your guests.

Credit Card Rewards

Even when sticking to a budget, weddings can be very costly. With the extra expenses, why not take advantage of a credit card reward program? By paying for your purchases with a credit card, you could rack in frequent flyer miles or take advantage of other rewards offered. Why not use your wedding expenses to pay for the airfare on your honeymoon?

Provide Your Guests With Directions

Have you ever arrived late to a wedding? You will feel like a horrible person if you do, so don’t put your guests in such a position. Provide your guests with accurate directions, and include directions to parking as well. Your guests may not know the area well, so this will prevent some of the confusion.

Ensure There’s Enough Time For Setup

When planning a wedding, make sure that you and your crew have enough time for setup. Some venues offer you the option to set up the day before the wedding, or to set up early on the day of the wedding. Check in advance to avoid potential stress.

Make Sure Your Guests Can Hear You

Depending upon the size of your wedding, guests may not be able to see or hear the ceremony. If this is an issue, then you might want to rent out a riser to stand on as well as a microphone. If you decide to embark on this route, you will also need for someone to arrange the equipment delivery and setup.

Prioritize Your Guests

When planning a wedding, you may not even know where to start with invitations. Start with immediate family, the bridal and groom party, then closest friends at the top of your list. Follow up with other friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins. After these people are on the list, you can then add your coworkers and parents’ friends and the like. This process makes it easier if you decide to cut back on the amount of guests that you invite.



These are only a few tips on wedding planning, so stay tuned for more helpful advice. For the best wedding videographers and wedding photographers, contact Yours Truly today. We offer amazing wedding videography packages as well as outstanding customer service.