Cat Nguyen | Wish Wonder Dream 


Tell us about yourself and the company:

I studied business management in school, and wanted to run my own restaurant because of my parents. They had a passion for cuisine and run a restaurant. I loved working with different kinds of people. After graduating from college, I realized I wanted to take a leap of faith and do a 180 to become a wedding planner. I’m so glad I took that leap of faith, because it’s been well worth it. Wish Wonder Dream is a premiere wedding coordination company, and the people I work with have helped me to grow so much as a person. I have been in the wedding industry working as a wedding planner for over 2 years now.

What should be the first 3 things to book?

1. Venue 

2. Photographer/Videographer

3. Catering

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of wedding planning is being able to sit with the clients and hear about their love stories. I’ve known since I was 6 years old that I wanted to get married, and now I feel that I am at the stage where I am ready to get married myself. My favorite part of the wedding day is the father-daughter dance and first look because I love my father so much. At the end of the day, I feel that everyone looks back on wedding days and sees that love really does make the world go around.

Are there any trends you would like to see brides move away from?

Honestly, I do feel that the blush and greenery is overplayed. When it comes to planning a wedding, I personally believe in making it your own. One of the first things I tell my couples is, "This is about you." Ultimately, you want your wedding to reflect you and your style. For example, if you and your fiancé are crazy about superheroes and Marvel, incorporate that into your wedding!

I ask my couples, "How would you decorate your home? What’s your dream destination? Go back to your first dates. What did you do? How did you fall in love?" This should be reflected into your wedding!

Weddings should tell your love story and reflect who you are as a couple. I'd love to see couples play more with florals and colors and bring more of their love story and relationship. One particular couple went to Disneyland a lot, and the groom had kept all their parking tickets. I suggested to use them as table numbers! The best way to incorporate your guests in your wedding day is to include them in your love story. 

Special thanks to Cat Nguyen at Wish Wonder Dream for sharing an insider view of a wedding planner.

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