Wedding Gift Exchange Ideas For The Bride and Groom


A nondescript rectangular box with a black bow and a note addressed “to my husband”.

With family and friends who want to contribute to the joy and support of your new marriage, gifts of some kind are common at any wedding. Of all the gifts you can receive on your wedding day, there are few that will hold more significance than the gift you receive from the person you are about to marry, Express your love with these wedding gift exchange ideas for the bride and groom that are sure to bring a smile, and maybe even a few tears to your gift exchange.

A bride sitting by the window in a room alone reading a letter.

From the Groom to the Bride

A Heartfelt Letter

As much as you love your beautiful bride, the things you love about her can sometimes go unsaid. Taking the time to express the joy you feel when you’re with her, will not only help you appreciate the fact that you are getting married to the woman of your dreams, but it will also give your bride the chance to hear all the wonderful reasons why you’re waiting for her at the end of the aisle. This simple wedding gift allows her to feel special, appreciated, and loved which is the goal of any great gift.

If you’d like to add on to this theme, and really bring on the emotions, you can write multiple letters about future events you will share together. These can include the birth of your first child, your one year wedding anniversary, etc. When the time comes, she can open the letters and you can both reminisce on the excitement you felt about your future together.

A Memory Chest

Over the years, you will have countless memories you want to remember. In order to cherish those—and some of the momentos that come with them—consider a memory chest as your wedding gift. With your wedding day being your first memory as husband and wife, it is the perfect time to contribute to a wedding gift that will keep on giving. Consider adding something special to the chest, such as your wedding invitation, a single flower or an engraved message on the inside, bringing your memory back to this special day for years to come.

A groom in a navy blue suit and a silver watch reading a letter in a chair.

From the Bride to the Groom

Personalized Items

We’re just going to put it out there: we love engraving personal items! Each groom we’ve had the pleasure of working with has his own passions, hobbies, and overall personality. Due to that, engraving wedding gifts that connect to your groom and his personality is the perfect way to show him that you acknowledge who he is and what he loves to do. Some wedding gifts that are perfect for engraving to give your groom are: 

  • Pocket Knives—If your groom is an outdoor man or carries a pocket knife with him on his day-to-day, consider having an elegant knife engraved. The message can be something as simple as your wedding date, or something that feels more personal to him.

  • Hammer—Is your groom a handyman? If so, a nice hammer is something he’ll definitely appreciate! Engrave this with a message about building your life together and he’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

  • Cigar Humidor—To us, cigars usually signify a special occasion. So, why not connect special occasions in the years to come with your wedding day?


There is something about watches that spice up any outfit, adding that extra splash of elegance. That being said, a wristwatch could be the perfect wedding gift to give your groom that he can use that very day. With messages such as “I’ll love you until the end of time” or something as simple as “I’ll see you at (time of your ceremony), husband”, it will tie together the overall message of your wedding gift. Plus, it’s something your groom will wear for many years after, with a smile on his face while he reminisces on your wedding day!

A Once in a Lifetime Gift

There are plenty of times throughout your lives that you will exchange gifts, but only once will it be on your wedding day. Consider your individual passions and what special moments you have shared that can be incorporated into your wedding gift exchange. With those memories at the forefront of your mind and heart, we know you’ll choose something that feels right for both of you. At the end of the day, the greatest gift of all will be your marriage. Enjoy!

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