Doolan's Shore Club | Spring Lake, NJ

Bride smiling on the morning of her wedding day.
Bride raising a toast with her bridesmaids.
Bride lifting her wedding dress in her hotel room.
Bride in her wedding dress looking back over her shoulder as she climbs a curving staircase.
Bride on her way to the first look with her bridesmaids holding her trailing dress.
Bride standing behind the groom prior to the first look.
Bride and groom sharing a first look.
Bride and groom smiling on a curving staircase.
Bride and groom kissing under an extravagant chandelier.
A wedding invitation decorated with lush greenery and white roses next to an identical centerpiece.
\Bride and groom facing the altar during their wedding ceremony.
Bridal party lining a pier on either side of the of the bride and groom as they share a kiss as a married couple.
The bride and groom raising their arms in celebration in front of their reception venue.
A white wedding cake adorned with pink and white roses.
Bride and groom sharing the first dance on a fog filled venue dance floor.
Bride and groom kissing passionately.
A large bridal party lining a curving staircase from top to bottom.

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