The traditional aspects of weddings are so ingrained in the wedding culture that many couples feel an obligation to make them a part of their own weddings. One prominent example of this is the wedding cake. Even couples who would never eat a bite of cake outside their wedding will spend thousands of dollars on a tradition that many guests could happily do without. In recent years we have begun to see a shift in favor of other delicious desserts, so whether you are trying to cut costs on expensive cakes, are craving more variety, or cake just isn’t your thing, here are some delicious alternatives that are sure to be a smashing success at any wedding.


Doughnut Wall

An irresistible snack with tons of variety, doughnuts are a simple dessert for guests to grab and go. On top of being extremely affordable, a doughnut wall can work great as a last-minute option, as many local shops only require a 48-hour notice for large orders. You can even DIY your doughnut wall with unique woods, paints, and messages to make sure the design is a perfect match for your wedding theme.

Pancake Bar

If you just can’t picture a wedding without cake then consider pancakes! A beautifully stacked pile of pancakes, topped with fresh slices of fruit and a carefully spiraled crown of whip cream is a dream come for many guests at the tail end of a night of dancing. With all the variety you can include as toppings, not only does this satisfy the tastes of all your guests, they also make for a picture-perfect dessert.


S’more Station

For a 100% DIY dessert option, a s’more station can be a ton of fun for your guests. This works just as well for an indoor wedding as it does an outdoor wedding with a few simple steps to create your indoor “campfires” for roasting the marshmallows.

What you’ll need:

  • Planter box

  • Ornamental stones or pea gravel

  • Ethanol gel cans

  • Packing peanuts (optional)

Our example:

Step 1: If your planter box is unfinished, apply a sealer and decorate with finish or paint. Avoid any flammable decorations. If your planter box comes pre-made with a finish, skip to step 2.

Step 2: Depending on the depth of your planter boxes, add a layer of packing peanuts until you have roughly 3 inches to the top of the box. Fill the remaining space at the top of your planter boxes with ornamental stones.

Step 3: Place your ethanol gel cans firmly into the stones leaving at least 4-6 inches of space between each gel can and the sides of the planter box.

Step 4: Prepare the rest of the ingredients, light your ethanol gel cans and enjoy!


Chocolate Fountain

Want to impress your guests with a jaw-dropping dessert table? Then a chocolate fountain is the perfect choice! Aside from being incredibly delicious, this also gives your guests a variety of sugar and sugar-free options to choose from as chocolate fountains are best served with a variety of fresh fruits. You can also serve with marshmallows, pretzels, rice crispy treats or any other dippable snacks of your choosing!  


Catering From A Local Bakery

Just because you aren’t ordering a cake doesn’t mean you can’t have gourmet desserts at your wedding. Try searching around your venue for a local bakery who has pastries, pies or other sweet treats that you love and ask them to cater dessert for your wedding. This way there will be something for everyone to enjoy, and all your guests will go home having satisfied their sweet tooth. (12).jpg

The Perfect Ending to an Incredible Night

Wedding cakes are still a fantastic option for your wedding dessert, but there’s no need to limit yourself by thinking it’s the only option. Many guests actually prefer an alternative to cake, so think about what desserts you enjoy most, and whatever you choose will be the perfect ending to the world's sweetest wedding.

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