VLOG: The Making of a Wedding Video

Step 1: The Final Consultation

Our project coordinators will sit down with each couple to go over every specific detail (songs, family member shots, etc.) desired, creating an entire vision of their video.

Step 2: The Wedding Day

These details will be relayed to shooters, which will give a clear and stress-free direction come the big day!

Step 3: Sorting The Footage

Our skilled production team will then sort through the footage, sync everything up and piece together your love story before moving onto editing.

Step 4: The Editing Process

Editors will start by adding audio to the video, whether that be vows or speeches. Legally-licensed music will then be added to the video. From there, the video goes into our fine-tuning and color correcting process.

*Couples can allow YTM to choose a song that fits the tone of the wedding OR they can select a song from our library of song choices.

Step 5: Quality Control

Our quality control specialists will carefully examine the video to make sure the editors did not miss any details will producing your custom masterpiece!

Step 6: The Delivery

After 3-4 weeks of making sure your video looks as magical as your wedding day, the final product will finally be in your hands, and you’ll be able to share each special memory with your loved ones for years on end!

Let’s Talk About Love!

For more information on how we can tell your love story. We would love to walk you through our amazing packages, wedding albums, canvases, and other print photography products. We look forward to providing you with more information on our Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography and the opportunity to introduce you to our team!

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