Top 5 Ideas For Your Wedding Send Off


Bride and groom exiting their wedding with raised hands through a sea of glow sticks.

Unless you are a celebrity or part of the royal family, there are few times in our lives when we will be cheered by a crowd of people as we leave an event. One exception to this is our wedding day! Make the most out of this rare opportunity to be cheered by a group of people who have dedicated an entire day to celebrating you and your marriage, with our top 5 ideas for your wedding sendoff.

Bride and groom kissing between a human tunnel of sparklers.


A creative way to incorporate some additional lighting into a late-night wedding exit is through the use of sparklers. Done correctly it creates a dazzling display of dancing lights, but since a group of people holding burning sticks is inherently dangerous, this is one you will want to plan carefully in advance. Start with these tips and make your grand wedding send off through a sea of sparks both brilliant and safe.

  • Assign a designated person(s) to coordinate the logistics such passing out sparklers, timing, and guest positioning

  • Have a bucket filled with sand for easy and safe disposal

  • Use 20” or 36” sparklers for longer burn times

  • Include lighters as a wedding favor to make the lighting process quick and easy

  • Leave plenty of space for the bride and groom to walk through (flaming wedding dresses are not part of the exit plan)

  • Inform guests to hold sparklers in an upright position, and cheer their loudest for the departing newlyweds


For venues that have stringent restrictions on what can be used on the property, a safe option that creates beautiful photos of your wedding sendoff is bubbles! This childhood throwback is fun for everyone and has one of the easiest clean-ups on our list. Keep your photos both formal and classy by giving your guests bubble bottles shaped like champagne bottles. (Yes, it’s a thing!) Just be clear that they are intended for your wedding send off, if you are handing out the bubbles earlier in the day, as people may mistake them as party favors and not have them on-hand when it’s time for the bubbles to start blowing.  


When confetti starts raining down, you know it’s one heck of a celebration! Unfortunately, traditional confetti is often banned by wedding venues, but as a DIY option, you can make confetti from all sorts of biodegradable or even all-natural materials. Get the green light to exit your wedding through an iconic shower of confetti with a combination of these safe and easy to get materials:

  • Hole punched leaves using heart or other wedding themed shapes

  • Sprinkles

  • Dried flower petals

  • Dried lavender

  • Herbs

  • Colored tissue paper

* A word of caution: In case of rain, wet sprinkles will stain anything they touch, including wedding dresses.

Paper planes

Fly off into the sunset and your new marriage on your very own fleet of paper planes! Not only is this wedding send off option inexpensive, but you can also include your guests in the creative process by supplying the materials right at the guest tables. Who doesn’t love a little arts and crafts?

Try encouraging your guests to write short messages on the paper before sending them flying. An assigned person can collect all the planes, and once everything settles down, you and your partner can enjoy reading all your personalized messages from your wedding day.   

Bride and groom raising their held hands in appreciation.

A Goodbye Circle

As the bride and groom, your wedding day is so packed full of action that it leaves you little time to interact with all the people who put forth the time and effort to come celebrate with you. If a quick wedding exit through a cheering crowd of people, many of whom you didn’t even have a chance to greet feels a little too abrupt, a goodbye circle can provide the perfect opportunity to say a quick word of thanks to everyone in attendance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Instruct everyone to form a circle near your intended exit

  • The bride and groom begin their rounds at the point in the circle nearest the exit

  • The bride goes one way around the circle and the groom goes the other

  • After a quick word to everyone in the circle the bride and groom end up back at the exit

  • The bride and groom can now make their grand departure to a cheering and satisfied crowd

A bride seated in a vintage car and staring through the open window.

Savor your Fairy Tale Ending

Your wedding day is a story of your love, and no love story is truly complete without a fairy tale ending. Put the final touch on your story by riding out in style with your dearly beloved by your side, and a cheering crowd at your back, ushering you both into your happily ever after.

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