Tips For Planning Your Dream Honeymoon



After all the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding, the honeymoon allows newlyweds a short reprieve from responsibility and the chance to relax in each other’s company. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your honeymoon dreams come true with these top tips for planning your dream honeymoon! 

Brainstorm With Your Partner 

Instead of letting the planning process become another chore, take your time to brainstorm ideas about what your dream honeymoon looks like to each of you. Do you want to lounge on the beach, hike, travel to various locations, see historic sights? Plan a date night and start sharing ideas with each other to see what your dream honeymoons have in common and where they differ. There are plenty of incredible locations with a wide range of activities, and knowing this information will help you pick a destination for a dream honeymoon you’ll both enjoy.  

Set A Budget 

Just as you did with your wedding, you will need to set a budget for your honeymoon. Figure out what that budget is and then compare costs based on your ideal destinations and activities. A location in Southeast Asia may offer everything you want to experience during your dream honeymoon and cost a fraction of what the same experience would cost in Europe. Having a defined budget will help you plan for your dream honeymoon by helping you discover what areas you can save money in such as lodging, airfare, activities, etc without sacrificing experience.   

Plan Honeymoon Memories 

Some of your best memories from your dream honeymoon are likely to be spontaneous moments, but we highly recommend planning a few special activities in advance. Intentionally planning a romantic meal at a local restaurant with a beautiful view or a unique excursion only available on your dream honeymoon gives you the opportunity to capture these moments more vividly in your memory and on camera.

Be Flexible With Your Departure

Jetting off to your dream honeymoon immediately after the wedding has a certain romantic appeal, but the reality is that it’s not always the best time to leave. Rushing off to your honeymoon can make it feel less like a dream and more like a nightmare, as the realities of travel fatigue, time changes, and social obligations settle in. Not to mention the financial obligation!. While planning your dream honeymoon, consider different dates based on your budget, the seasonality of your destination, travel costs (which fluctuate), ect. This way you can leave at a time that is most comfortable for you, and you won’t have any distractions other than enjoying your dream honeymoon! 

Don’t Overschedule 

Being on your dream honeymoon in a location you may only visit once, the temptation to fit as many activities into your schedule as possible is strong. It’s hard to enjoy anything when you’re exhausted, so make sure to schedule time to just relax with each other. You’ll have plenty of time during your married lives to explore. 

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