Tips For Getting The Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Down The Aisle


White ring cushion with two gold wedding bands attached by white ribbons.

Walking down the aisle is a dream come true for many brides, but for a young flower girl or ring bearer, it can be a truly terrifying experience. While everyone else is smiling and taking pictures of two adorable children in formal wear toddling down the aisle, they are the center of attention for a seemingly endless sea of unfamiliar faces. So, before it’s time to hand them their precious cargo and send them on their way, prepare with these tips for getting the flower girl and ring bearer down the aisle for the most adorable aisle walk of all time.

Two young sisters in red dresses and flower crowns throwing flowers as they walk down the aisle together as flower girls.

Comfort in Familiar Company

Typically, the roles of the ring bearer and flower girl fall to children between the ages of 3-8, but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing your adorable ensemble. On the older end of the scale, you probably have little to worry about, barring any hunger or boredom-induced temper tantrums, but if you decide to go with a niece or nephew who is 3 or younger as your flower girl or ring bearer, you will have a few additional hurdles to overcome getting them down the aisle.

When a young flower girl or ring bearer gets scared walking down the aisle, their first reaction is usually to freeze or run to their comfort zone, A.K.A mom or dad. One way to eliminate this is by allowing one of their parents to walk down the aisle with them. If you are concerned about parents photo-bombing your adorable flower girl or ring bearer, an alternative can be to have one of their parents wait at the end of the aisle so they have an end goal to focus on. This way if the urge to run to mommy flares up, they will be heading in the exact direction they need to be.

Do your ring bearer and flower girl know each other? If they happen to be siblings, cousins or just family friends, allowing them to walk down the aisle together will alleviate both their nerves and encourage them to have a little fun during their moment in the spotlight. And the pictures will be absolutely heartwarming!

Little flower girl walking down the aisle to the smiles of the groomsman.

Practice Before Game Day

Nothing can prepare someone 100% for being the attention of a crowd of people, but with enough practice, reflexes take over and auto-pilot kicks in. If you have a local church you can visit or a location similar to that of the ceremony, try taking a few trips there so your little flower girl and ring bearer can practice their roles in a similar environment. If there is a specific song that will be playing while they walk down the aisle, play it during practices so they recognize it as a signal to get started. If this is the child’s first wedding, you can even show them videos of other young ring bearers of flower girls walking down the aisle, so they get an idea of what they will be doing. It can also serve as a confidence booster seeing someone their own age who has already done it. Then, on the day of the ceremony, plan to arrive a little early to prepare them for the vibe of the venue and to conduct a quick refresher course.

An uncle guiding his young ring bearer nephew down the aisle dressed in matching tuxedos.

Plan It Out With The Parents

Before getting your heart set on which little flower girl or ring bearer will be walking down the aisle on your wedding day, make sure you talk to their parents first. They know their child best and will have a good idea of the likelihood of an uneventful aisle walk. If they are not confident in things going smoothly, you should probably opt for plan B.

Additional Ideas:

  • Bribery: Some may be above it, but not us on a wedding day! We’ve seen success with cookies, lollipops and fruit snacks.

  • Wagon: If you have your heart set on a ring bearer or flower girl who is either too young or a little too anxious to make their way down the aisle, consider having someone pull them in a wagon. This, my friends, makes for some great images!

  • Comfortable Shoes: As we mentioned above, we want to keep variables to a minimum. By letting your flower girl and ring bearer wear shoes that they are comfortable in, it’s one less thing to worry about; for example, stopping in the middle of the aisle to take off their shoes!

Prepare to Have Your Heart Melt 

Now that that’s out of the way your little ring bearer and flower girl are prepped and ready to carry their ring-topped pillow and flower-filled basket down the aisle. Get your camera’s ready (or let ours do the work) because this is one wedding event you will not want to miss.

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