Tips For Creating Your Wedding Guest List



Creating your wedding guest list might be one of the biggest headaches of the wedding planning process. A wedding guest list that is too long can bust your wedding budget quick, but deciding who makes the cut is sometimes easier said than done. With financial demands, family demands, and your own interests in creating the wedding guest list, it’s important to create a system and stick to it. From start to finish, here are some of our tops tips for creating your wedding guest list with ease. 

Create a Master List 

This may seem counterproductive, but trust us it’s important. By starting with a list of literally everyone that’s in you and your fiancé’s lives you avoid the risk of missing someone important later. Creating this master guest list will help you determine how large your wedding needs to be and how many people you will need to cut in order to reach a finalized wedding guest list.  

Divide Your A-List and B-List 

Look through all the people in your lives and determine an absolute must-have wedding guest list that includes immediate family members, close friends, the bridal party, etc. These will be the ones that will receive an invitation no matter what. This will, in turn, help you identify your B-List, and from there you can start narrowing down your wedding guest list bit by bit. 

Define Clear Rules With Your Partner  

Work with your fiancé and create firm rules on how you will make the cuts. The biggest struggle in cutting a wedding guest list is not letting it cause a war between the two of you. Agree on the system so there is no drama later on. Here are a few examples of rules couples we know have agreed on to create their wedding guest list. 

  • If the person is someone you and your spouse have not BOTH met or heard of, then you don’t invite them.

  • If you or your spouse have not spoken to someone within the last 2 years (that are not on the A-list), then don’t invite them.

Exclude Co-Workers

One of the easiest ways to minimize a wedding guest list is to agree to cut all coworkers from the list. While these might be people you see daily, if you don’t have a relationship outside of work don’t invite them. Don’t feel obligated to include everyone from the office because you might have a new job tomorrow, so be selective in this category.

Limit the Plus Ones 

Of course, you want to allow everyone to have a plus one, but sometimes this can add 50 people to your wedding guest list of strangers you have never met. Create a system when determining who gets a plus one and stick to it. A good rule of thumb is only offering a plus one to those who are married, engaged, live together, or have been in a long term relationship. Everyone else will more than likely bring someone you have never met which might not be in the budget. By using a few of these tips for creating your wedding guest list, you’ll be joined by the people who truly matter on your special day.

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