LAST MINUTE CHECKLIST: Things To Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding


Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - A beachfront outdoor wedding ceremony.

An outdoor wedding is such an incredible way to tie the knot. Celebrating under the open sky, surrounded by natural beauty is the perfect setting for such a romantic event. That being said, planning an outdoor wedding poses unique challenges. By being aware of the things you need to know that are specific to outdoor venues, you’ll be fully prepared to host the wedding of your dreams.

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - The groom addressing his guests using a PA system.

Be Heard  

After pouring your heart into writing your vows, it would be a shame for your guests to miss out because they can’t hear a word you’re saying. Most outdoor locations don’t have the best natural acoustics -- pair that with natural and man-made noise pollution, and it can make hearing difficult, especially in the back rows.

To make sure everyone who came to celebrate your marriage can hear the ceremony and any speeches throughout the night, consider renting a PA (public announcement) system. With a few microphones and strategically placed speakers, your guests in the back will feel just as a part of your wedding as your guests in the front row.

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - An outdoor reception with long wooden tables flanked by heat lamps.

The Power of Electricity  

Even the best PA system in the world won’t be of much use if you can’t turn it on! To bring the power of the electricity to the great outdoors will require the assistance of a few generators. Once you have the generators supplying power, ensure you have the capacity to place your electronic devices wherever you need by bringing along extension cords and power strips.

Tip: Make sure you have enough generators for your event. Generators can be overworked, leading to a blackout! Plan ahead and consult with your venue, to ensure you’re prepared for the power needed.

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - A newlywed couple walking down the pier in the evening.

Permits & Restrictions

After finding the perfect location to host your wedding, the last thing you want is to have the party shut down early, or ruined by large fines. Before settling on a location, research the local ordinances to find out what kind of permits are required and what restrictions are in place. Restrictions on noise and time, in particular, can alter your original plans and are important to know well ahead of time.

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - An older couple greet guests as they arrive at the wedding reception.


Setting up a wedding is no small task and is one that becomes even more challenging when the nearest parking lot is a mile away. Along with setup, accessibility is just as important for your guests. If accessible parking is limited, your guests may need to travel by foot which can be a problem for older guests or those with different abilities.

Check out your parking situation and explore the easiest way for guests to get to the location once they arrive. From there, make sure your guests are informed, so they utilize the best methods of transportation (check out our blog on wedding websites, for easy ways to notify your guests).

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - The bridal party roasting marshmallows at an outdoor fire pit during an evening wedding reception.

Prepare for Bugs

As much time as we spend putting together the guest list, bugs just never seem to care. Mosquitoes, gnats, and bees can be distracting or even dangerous for those with allergies, but with a little preparation, we can limit attendance to only our intended guests. Consider having the area sprayed by a professional beforehand, or if that is unavailable, citronella candles, bug zappers, tiki torches, bug spray, and keeping food covered at all times are effective options for keeping the bugs at bay!

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - A refreshment table setup for an outdoor wedding ceremony.


Bathrooms may not be the most glamorous part of your wedding plans, but nevertheless, they are extremely important to the comfort of your guests. As long as you have access to a water and power supply, there are options suitable for a classy outdoor event. Porta-cabins with flushable toilets and sinks can be rented rather inexpensively, or if you feel like splurging, you can even rent restroom trailers with all the conveniences of an indoor restroom. 

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - A bridesmaid using a parasol to shield herself from the summer heat during an outdoor wedding reception.

Plan for Outdoor Elements

Despite all our best efforts, weather is unpredictable. Clear blue skies can give way to booming thunderstorms in a matter of minutes, leaving everyone soaked and your decorations blowing in the wind. In the process of planning, create a contingency plan that factors in the outdoor elements. Tents, weighted centerpieces, heavy fabrics, and protection for electronic equipment are a few examples of ways to weather-proof your outdoor wedding. 

If you’re in need of more ideas on this topic, check out our blog: How To Prepare For Inclement Weather During Your Outdoor Wedding.

Last Minute Checklist: Things to Know Before Your Outdoor Wedding - A bride and groom enjoying their outdoor wedding.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

The perfect wedding is the one that best reflects your personality. If you love the great outdoors and want to soak up some sunshine on your big day, there is no reason you can’t enjoy all that nature has to offer with an outdoor wedding! Some additional planning is required, but if you keep these things in mind, your outdoor wedding will be more amazing than you ever imagined.

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