What is more dreamy than a waterfront engagement?   Photo Credit: Yours Truly Media

What is more dreamy than a waterfront engagement?
Photo Credit: Yours Truly Media

There are not many questions in life that hold more weight than asking someone you love to spend the rest of their lives with you. The answer to this question can be life changing, so before whipping out a ring and popping the question, it’s worth taking some time to plan the details and create a memorable moment you will be thrilled to share with friends, family and possibly your future children.


You ask the love of your life to marry you, they says yes, and the crowd goes wild with applause while swooping in to lift you over their heads and carry you off into the distance! While this may sound romantic, it is important to ask yourself if your significant other would be comfortable with the pressure of answering such an important question with hundreds of eyes staring at them, anxiously awaiting their answer. If they are comfortable in the spotlight, then this can be a great way to involve friends and family in the proposal and celebration. If not, it can be a distraction that takes away from the joy your partner should be experiencing in this moment; assuming they say yes!

Private proposals, while less extravagant, have the benefit of being extremely intimate and allow you to bask in your love and commitment together before needing to graciously accept the congratulations from the community around you. With minimal pressure, the focus is 100% on the words being spoken and the ring that was painstakingly selected, which is exactly where it should be. This isn’t to say that a private proposal can’t be done in a public place. If you have a passion for movies, videography or photography, you could put together a movie or slideshow of special moments the two of you have shared, and rent out a local movie theater for your proposal. This provides the opportunity to create a memorable story, and simultaneously keep it private and intimate.


You both have passions and hobbies that you enjoy doing together, so make your proposal special by incorporating elements of your relationship into it.

Do you and your significant other love being by the ocean, resulting in a beach vacation every year? If so, scope out your next vacation spot, aiming to find a location that you and your partner would normally consider stopping at for a picture. Then, at the time of the main event, pretend to set up your tripod (or configure your own in the sand for your iphone) so you “can take a picture together”. Instead, hit record and catch your beach proposal in action, so you have a candid reaction and can cherish that moment for years to come.

Are you both outdoor enthusiasts who love hiking? What better place to propose than at the top of a mountain, after your favorite hike, with a photographer lying in wait to capture the stunning views and your smiling faces?

Pro Tip: Images or video footage from your proposal makes for wonderful decor at your wedding.

Creating an experience that has relevance and meaning beyond the proposal itself shows that you cherish the things you do together and will make the moment even more special.

No matter how you choose to propose, taking the time to plan the details and rehearse your heartfelt proposal will go a long way in getting your married life off to a great start, And if there are hiccups in your carefully thought out plan, well that just makes for an even better story.

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