Things To Consider Before Bringing Your Dog To Your Wedding


A couple on the beach with their dog.

A wedding doesn’t feel complete unless all of our closest friends and family are there to celebrate with us. So, what do we do when one of our most beloved companions happens to be a four-legged, furry friend? Unlike our two-legged friends, scheduling conflicts won’t be an issue, but if you plan on having your puppy take part, here are some tips to consider before bringing your dog to your wedding. 

Is the Venue Dog-Friendly?

No matter how well prepared you are to have your dog appear in your wedding, it will all be for naught if your venue has a strict no-dog policy. Selecting the venue is done at the early stages of the planning process, so these are questions that need to be considered from the beginning if including your dog in your wedding is important to you. Once you confirm with the venue that it won’t be an issue, make sure it confirmed in writing in the rental agreement, in order to avoid unnecessary conflict with those who are unaccustomed to seeing pooches roaming the pews.

A smiling dog being hugged and kissed by his loving owners.

Love is Blind – Setting Realistic Expectations

Our love for our furry friends can sometimes overshadow the fact that they may not be as well behaved as we like to imagine. Does your dog have a tendency to bark uncontrollably when they get excited? Do they jump on people when they greet them? Can they be aggressive towards strangers? These things may not be a cause for concern in the comfort of your own home, but by bringing your dog to your wedding, they can be a source of disruption to your ceremony and your guests. Consider how your dog is likely to react to the situation, and use that information for creative ways to include your dog that won’t increase the likelihood of causing a commotion.  

Some options that allow you to include your dog in your wedding without needing them to be present for extended periods of time are:

  • Have your pup with you in the morning, during the time that you’re getting ready.

  • Include your dog in your first look. If it’s a ‘she’, consider adding a bow and if it’s a ‘he’, consider adding a tie for a formal feel.

  • Let your photographer know that you’d like your dog to be included in some of the bridal party and/or family photos.

  • If you trust your pup to get from point A to point B off-leash, consider having him/her be the ringbearer (with fake rings).

  • If leashes are required, select someone from your family or bridal party to be escorted by your pup! Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Serve signature drinks named after your puppy

Have a Designated Dog Handler

As the star of the show, your wedding day is one that will leave you with limited time to spend with your puppy. To ensure your dog is getting the attention they need, consider hiring a professional or designating someone who your dog is comfortable with to keep them happy throughout the wedding. This person can provide treats and much-needed ear rubs to keep your dog focused and performing their very best for whatever role you choose for them. While your dog is being pampered and directed, you can relax and enjoy your wedding knowing your furry friend is taken care of.

A golden lab lounging on a dirt road.

Share the Big Day with ALL your Loved Ones

Dogs are amazing creatures that have the ability to brighten our days with their endless love and excitement. This energy can add a beautiful element to our wedding, so have fun exploring the different ways your puppy can be a part of it.

As long as you begin planning early on, you can share your perfect day with all your closest companions, and be filled with joy when you see your puppy’s wagging tail and bright eyes staring up at you as you say “I do.” 

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