Bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wedding cakes; weddings all over the world are filled with flowers. Flowers provide us with a vibrant display of color, and often serve as the main form of decoration, but have you ever wondered what the flowers in your bouquet symbolize? Today we’re going beyond the visual appearance and diving into the deeper meaning behind what in our experience, are the most popular wedding flowers!



No flower is a more iconic symbol of love than the rose. During Valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, and of course weddings, roses are put on display to serve as a reminder of the love you carry. Although the color of the rose alters the meaning (red; passion, white; innocence, purple; love at first sight, etc.), roses also have a meaning that most people are unaware of; confidentiality.

Sub rosa is a Latin expression that means something told in secret. Perhaps before your big day you should both share a secret that only the other knows. Then as you glance at your rose studded bouquets, you and your groom can grin at the knowledge that both your love and secrets are represented by your flower arrangements.  


The meaning behind orchids has changed over the years, which is great because you can decide which meaning best suits your occasion! At one time orchids were a symbol of virility. Typically associated with a man’s ability to reproduce, virility also represents strength and vigor; positive characteristics in any marriage. If you are hoping for a little one to join your happy family soon after your wedding, then this is the perfect choice!

Recently, orchids have become more popular as a symbol of luxury. This makes perfect sense for any wedding and is much easier to explain if someone asks about your flower selection.


Perhaps one of most relevant meaning of any flowers in relation to weddings is the peony. Full bodied and lush in appearance, peonies serve as a symbol of prosperity and a happy marriage. Not much more you could ask for from a wedding flower!



Also known as the flowers of the gods, carnations are popular all over the world and hold various meaning depending on culture. For example, in Korea carnations were traditionally used to predict young girls’ fortunes, while in China they are commonly used in wedding ceremonies. In general, carnations represent love, fascination, and distinction.

One caveat to be aware of is that the color of the carnation can drastically change the meaning. While white carnations represent pure love (great for a wedding), yellow carnations symbolize disappointment and rejection. So, if superstition is something you embrace, we’d recommend researching the color of your carnations!


One of the most versatile flowers in terms of symbolism is the tulip. Throughout the tulips long and colorful history, its meaning has ranged from enduring love, royalty, abundance, charity and more. No matter what color you are drawn to, tulips are a safe bet as nearly all of them have a positive connotation.


Let Your Love Bloom

Now that you know the meaning behind some of the flowers that will more than likely make it into your wedding arrangements, take it all with a grain of salt. This is a special day, meant to be filled with beauty, and if a certain flower in a specific color makes you happy, then that is the only meaning that matters!

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Paul Bolton