The Biggest Regret of Married Couples


For Many Married Couples, Their Wedding Day is a Blur

Your wedding day is filled with countless special moments, from the wedding party preparations to the vows to the toasts.  Although photographers capture snapshots of special moments, videographers capture the facial expressions and the inflections in people’s voices during the ceremony and reception.

Nothing Captures Unique Mannerisms Like Film

Does your fiance have an incredible laugh? Film highlights the unique mannerisms we all have in our gait, our laugh, our facial expressions, and our movements. Wouldn’t you love to catch a tender moment, such as the groom dancing with his beloved grandmother?

You Cannot Relive the Moment You Said Your Vows

Wedding films are able to capture your emotions and expressions when you say your vows, which is the most important and moving moment in your wedding. Think about it; the entire reason you are getting married in the first place is because you are committing yourself to your partner. The vows you speak express this commitment, which is monumental, so don’t you want to capture them on camera?


Smartphone Videos Just Don’t Do It Justice

We all have smartphones, which makes filming easier and more accessible than ever. However, amateur videos might display a thumb over the camera, or be shaky and unprofessional. This is your big day, so hiring a professional videographer is worth the investment!

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