LAST MINUTE ADDITIONS: Our Favorite Summer Wedding Trends


Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Bride and groom exit their ceremony.

Summer has officially started, which means the summer wedding season is underway. Along with the wonderful weather, this summer also carries with it a few summer wedding trends that will give your wedding the carefree vibes of the summer season. Today, we’re sharing a few of our favorite summer wedding trends that you can incorporate into your big day, encapsulating the essence of summer.

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Pink roses

Floral Installations

With summer flowers in bloom, there are plenty of vibrant arrangements at your disposal to choose from. Take advantage of the seasonal availability with floral installations that brighten your wedding day, while dropping the jaws of everyone in attendance. Incorporating solid structures into your floral arrangements, such as an arch of flowers that frames a beautiful doorway, or hanging gardens reminiscent of the seventh wonder of the world creates an impressive floral display that feels right at home in a summer wedding.

Wearable Flowers

There are few things that can make a bride feel more like royalty on her wedding day than a crown of flowers adorning her head as she walks down the aisle. Although a floral crown is a gorgeous option, it certainly isn’t the only option. Summer flowers crafted into necklaces, woven into your hair, or blooming from your dress can be hand selected to fit your theme, and are a timeless summer wedding trend that will be just as gorgeous decades from now as they are today.

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Bride standing in front of the ocean wearing a white bridal hat with a summer breeze blowing her dress behind her.

Bridal Hats

The summer sun casting rays of warm light on your face is a soothing sensation, but for an outdoor wedding, that soothing sensation can become uncomfortable without a little shade to provide some relief. Protect your skin and your eyes with a trending summer wedding option that is as functional as it is stylish. Wide-brimmed summer headwear like derby hats, floppy hats, or straw hats give you some much-needed shade on a hot summer day and are classy options that will create the perfect complement for your breathable summer wedding dress.

Colorful Groom Attire

Summer is one of the most relaxed and carefree seasons of the year, which makes unorthodox color selections a summer wedding trend that fits the season. The black tuxedo, always a classy option, attracts the heat from the sun and with the heavy materials often used, it’s not uncommon for the groom to become unfashionably covered in sweat when temperatures creep towards triple digits. Colorful attire such as greens, blues, pink, or cream provides a splash of color that complements the brides white wedding dress while remaining a comfortable option that is better equipped to handle the heat.  

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

DIY projects are such a fantastic option because they allow you to completely customize the details of your project. As an alternative to traditional hor d’oeuvres, consider crafting your own charcuterie board. Take a trip to your local market to find shops that stock seasonal meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables to create a dining experience that is unique to summer. Not only do charcuterie boards make delicious appetizers, but with a little careful crafting, they are picture-perfect displays you will be proud to include in your summer wedding photo album.


Warm weather, sunshine, and the natural beauty of summer are what makes summer one of the best seasons to host your wedding. Since the season itself provides such a wonderful atmosphere, summer is the ideal time to cut back on all the frills with simple yet elegant décor. Bouquets utilizing one type of flower, simple pastel color selections, and the use of natural elements like wood and stone create elegant accents that don’t distract attention away from the beautiful environment or the happy couple on their big day.

Summer Wedding Trends 2019 - Groom leaning against a tree in front of a pond with his bride in his arms.

Take Advantage of Summer

Summer isn’t just a wonderful season because of the sunshine and warm weather. It’s a time of year that reminds us of relaxing on the beach, playing under the sun with friends, and taking time off to have fun and enjoy the summer season. Take full advantage of all the summer vibes this season has to offer by incorporating a few summer wedding trends into your big day, making your day and this season one to remember!

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