Stylish Wedding Shoe Alternatives To Heels


Ankle strap short green high heels

All the glamorous Hollywood weddings we have seen throughout the years, give the impression that traditional heels are the only option when it comes to wedding shoes. Heels can certainly be a great choice if they make you feel like your most glamorous self, but if a pair of pumps make you feel like you may tip over at any second, these wedding shoe alternatives to heels will allow you to incorporate your own personality, while you glide down the aisle in confidence.

A pair of white lace toms

Comfort and Style

Your wedding day seems to fly by, but when your feet are aching, you start counting the minutes until you can free your feet from the bonds of your cute, but oh so uncomfortable wedding shoes. Eliminate painful distractions and be fully present in the moment with comfortable wedding shoe alternatives to heels that work just as well on your wedding day as they will after your wedding is over.

  • Bedazzled converse

Add a splash of sparkle to your wedding dress with shoes that glitter and shine. Classic Chuck Taylors are a popular choice for any occasion, but bedazzled Chucks? Perfect shoes for your wedding! You can find custom versions on sites like Etsy or DIY your own to ensure a perfect match.

  • Lace TOMS

Many wedding dresses incorporate lace and other flowing designs, to which a pair of TOMS can be the perfect accessory. On top of their comfort and style, TOMS has provided over 86 million shoes to children in need, so if volunteering and acts of charity are an important part of your life, this can be a wonderful way to represent your passion for giving on your wedding day.

A pair of deep blue chunky high heels.

Accent Colors

Just as there are plenty of wedding shoe alternatives to heels, there are also a number of alternatives when it comes to the color of your wedding shoes. Your wedding dress is a beautiful, flowing sea of white (if you choose), which can make colorful accessories burst forth with life. If vibrant colors bring a smile to your face, try combining these accent colors, or any of your favorite color combinations with your dress.

  • Green Loafers

The color green conjures images of lush nature and fresh, new life. As a newlywed couple beginning your life together, green can be the perfect visual representation of new life springing forth from the old. If you can consider yourself an outdoor person, even better! Your poppin’ green wedding loafers now represent your love of the outdoors and the start of your newest journey.

  • Blue shoes

Along with searching for the perfect pair of shoes, you are probably looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Kill two birds with one stone by making your something blue your wedding shoes! Symbolizing both the sea and sky, blue often represents depth, stability, and serenity. All things that are welcome in any marriage!

Two pairs of white beach sandals on a white bed.

Express Yourself

Your wedding shoes and attire are an extension of your own personality and desires. You’ve planned all the details in a way that fits your ideal vision because this is your day and you are the star of the show. Whether it’s heels or gym shoes, express yourself through your wedding shoes and share who you are with excitement!

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