COUPLE OF THE WEEK l Samantha & Taylor

Cedar Bend l Cedar Creek, TX

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One of the most iconic places for a first date is without a doubt a café. Distractions are minimal, the environment is quiet enough to engage in meaningful conversation, and the intimate space gives you a chance to focus on your date to see how well you truly connect.

Having their first date at the café, Sip Coffee in Old Town Scottsdale, Samantha and Taylor knew immediately the connection they shared. In fact, their café date went so well, that the night didn’t end there. Instead, their first date saw them traversing the town, visiting three more locations together before ending the night with a delicious meal, which we all know is the key to anyone’s heart.

The relationship they shared over the next two years was enough to know that they had found not only their soulmate, but their best friend. “Our relationship is full of childlike playfulness and humor. We are literally best friends. We binge watch Netflix shows, take spontaneous road trips, do spa days, and laugh all the time. We play! I think it’s a huge part of being happy together.”

When it came to planning the perfect engagement, Taylor took them on a trip down memory lane to the very location where it all began. “Taylor took me on our first date in reverse! Taylor had reserved the patio where we sat on the first date, and had friends decorate it with rose petals and tea lights ahead of time. He walked me up to the same spot we first met to get down on one knee. Right after, both of our families walked out of the coffee shop! He had coordinated to fly our parents in to be there. And that wasn’t the end of the surprise. Following that, we went to a local favorite to have a celebratory drink and walked in to see all our closest friends from all over the country!”

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Their wedding venue at Cedar Bend brought together all the ideal aspects that they were searching for in a wedding venue. “What made us fall in love with the venue was the beautiful rustic charm. I’ve always dreamed of being home in Texas and dancing under those idyllic string lights to celebrate our wedding. It checked off all the boxes on our list.”

The ceremony is always one of the most memorable parts of the wedding, but it is special to each person for different reasons. For Samantha, the reasons that made it special were also what made it her favorite part of the day. “The ceremony gave me the opportunity to share how I feel about Taylor, what he means in my life and my commitment to building a life with him. Being able to share such vulnerability and love with him in front of my closest friends and family was truly special.”

For Taylor, the highlight of the ceremony was seeing his bride walk down the aisle. The entire day was amazing, but watching her walk down the aisle made me feel like the luckiest man in the world. I’m so excited to have captured the day on video to one day share with our kids. We want them to know, this is what it looks like to marry your best friend.”

See the video Samantha and Taylor will be sharing with their future children by checking our their Cedar Bend wedding video!

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