A dazzling bride in a flowing white dress stands at the altar with her husband to be. The bright, shining sun casts rays of natural light, illuminating the happy couple as they smile lovingly at one another, before sealing their marriage with a kiss. This is of course the ideal image that any bride and groom planning an outdoor wedding envision. However, mother nature tends to be more unpredictable than your overly enthusiastic uncle on his 3rd glass of wine, with a memory chock full of embarrassing childhood stories. So, while it’s important to visualize and plan for the best-case scenario, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in place in case the weather decides to cast some clouds, instead of sunshine, on your special day.  


Provide Umbrellas and Boots for your Guests

As long as you’re not dealing with hurricane level winds, a little rain is no reason to postpone your wedding. While a sea of black umbrellas covering your guests faces won’t make for the best photos, a carefully coordinated set of rain gear passed out to your guests can actually serve to create more memorable photos of your ceremony. By coordinating the colors of the umbrellas with the decorations you’ve chosen for the outdoor venue, the rain gear will serve as beautiful accents for your photographer to snaps some pictures. Furthermore, your guests won’t have to worry about getting their best set of clothes soaked, and the festiveness of your outdoor ceremony will remain intact.

Take Cover Under a Tent

If relying on the weather to remain clear and calm is a little too far outside your comfort zone, you can still soak up the sunshine while remaining protected from the rain with the use of a tent. With options that provide clear side and top panels, you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the venue you spent months picking out, while being confident that the show will go on no matter what the day decides to throw at you.

Tent coverings can be rolled up and ready to go the moment they are needed, so if the sun continues to shine you can enjoy your ceremony as planned. Just make sure to speak with your wedding venue in advance, as each venue has different property policies and may require you to work with a specific vendor.

Choose Wind Friendly Fabrics

If you’ve ever worn a light skirt or a baggy shirt on a windy day, you’ll know just how distracting loose fabric whipping around in the wind can be. On a day when everyone’s focus should be on the bride and groom, this is not a scenario that you will want to worry about. Opting for heavier fabrics for the bride and bridesmaid dresses, tying down decorative fabrics, and skipping the balloons in favor of heavier options will eliminate issues like your guests struggling to hear the ceremony, bridesmaids being completely focused on keeping their dresses in place, and decorations attempting to fly away in the middle of your vows. Keep this in mind when making your selections, and you and your guests won’t even notice if the wind attempts to crash your wedding.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Dream Wedding

With the right amount of preparation, a little bit of inclement weather is certainly no reason to put a damper on your wedding day. Having a plan A, B, and C may take require some extra effort, but it will go a long way in ensuring you spend one of the happiest days of your life enjoying every single moment.

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