PHOTOGRAPHER PICK: A Historic Wedding In Yorba Linda


The Richard Nixon Library | Yorba Linda, CA


The location of a wedding sets the scene for the photographer, but it’s the personalities of the wedding party that creates a unique quality for every photo. Shooting the Kim wedding at the Glen Magna farms provided plenty of opportunities for incredible backdrops, but it was the bride and groom that made this particular wedding day stand out for Yours Truly Photographers, Molly Fitzgerald and Sara Keefe.


From the first look the couple shared, you could instantly tell this was a match made in heaven. Attempting to capture their love in the most organic way possible, the photographers took to the venue’s gardens, allowing the couple precious moments of seclusion before meeting their guests. Taking advantage of the couple’s natural chemistry, Molly and Sara gently guided the couple to create stunning shots that felt completely genuine.  


Along with the love shared by the bride and groom, the relationships they shared with their bridal party contributed greatly to the genuine atmosphere of the day. “I got to spend the first part of the day doing photographs with the groom and groomsman.  It was fun just goofing around with them in the replica of the Oval Office and at the helicopter.”


Photography isn’t just about capturing an image, it’s about capturing the emotions present at that moment so that every time you view it you are transported back to that specific time. By staying true to their relationship and incorporating some silliness into their portraits, every time YoungMin and Kristine see the laughter and joy brought forth by their wedding, they will be reminded how their love impacts everyone close to them for the better.  


After spending the morning with the bridal party, the photographers prepared for another outdoor session, this time for the couple's wedding ceremony. Hosting an outdoor ceremony, Molly and Sara were able to use the perfect weather and natural setting to highlight the gorgeous environment the Kim’s chose for their wedding day. “The location of this wedding was awesome. The main grounds with the fountain and garden were stunning and provided so many unique places to create beautiful detail shots.” 


Their beautiful ceremony didn’t just symbolize the start of their new lives together, it also signified the joining of their two families as one. “You could really feel the love between them and their families.”


It’s amazing how photographs can tell a story. Here, we see a story of a relationship filled with passion, support and happiness - with friends and family that we know will support them for all the years to come. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kim!

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