PHOTOGRAPHER PICK: A Destination Wedding in Hilton Head, SC


The Westin Hilton Head | Hilton Head Island, SC


Arriving at the coast to feel the ocean spray on your face and see the sunset dropping behind the distant ocean is a dream destination for almost anyone, so naturally when Yours Truly Media Wedding Photographer Sara Keefe, had the opportunity to photograph the Ruiz wedding at The Westin in Hilton Head, South Carolina she jumped at the chance.


A beach ceremony is always beautiful but even having photographed numerous beach weddings, the Ruiz wedding proved to be extra special for Sara. “I teared up twice! The first time, was when the groom, Adam, saw his bride for the first time. He couldn’t even look down the aisle at her, he was so happy and anxious.”


Along with the bride and groom, the Ruiz wedding also had two guests of honor who made the wedding day unique from any other weddings Sara previously photographed. “The groom has two daughters who were such a special part of the day. During the ceremony, the bride, Alex, presented her step daughters with necklaces to symbolize her commitment to them.”


With the Ruiz wedding joining this family together, it was important for Alex to express how much her relationship with Adam’s daughters meant to her, and that this wedding was just as much about them as it was the bride and groom. To do so, Alex even wrote special vows for each of them.


Forging and making a commitment to such an intimate relationship, Alex and Adam opted for a smaller wedding, which according to Sara made the day even better. “I love that they decided to keep things to just their most important family members and friends.” Being in the comfort of just their tight-knit circle, gave them the freedom to express their emotions and focus on enjoying the day, rather than accommodating a large number of guests.


With everything going according to plan, one of the things that made the day feel spontaneous and exciting was the fact that Alex and Adam’s wedding day was the first time they had ever been to Hilton Head, South Carolina! It was a destination wedding that catered to their adventurous side, and ended up being the perfect location to host their wedding.


By the end of the wedding day, Adam’s small family of three was officially a family of four, and their destination wedding turned out to be one of the most beautiful Sara ever photographed, not only for the location at which it was held, but because of the way it brought this family even closer together.  

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