PHOTOGRAPHER PICK: Behind The Scenes Of M + C’s Pennsylvania Wedding!


The Star Barn | Elizabethtown, PA

Bride and groom standing on a large rock with sunlight reflecting off the pond behind them.

As a wedding photographer, you quickly realize that every wedding is a unique experience. The people in attendance, the location, and the elements all play a factor in the overall environment which can create challenges to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of in the pursuit of capturing remarkable photos. Of all the weddings in recent memory, the one that stands out most to Yours Truly Media wedding photographer, Joe Lengson, is the Meade wedding at the Star Barn.

The star barn in Elizabethtown, PA

“I had never been to the Star Barn before. I drove up a long dirt road to this massive, renovated barn where I was greeted by the property manager, Josh, in his cowboy hat and boots along with several horses, llamas, chickens, and other farm animals.”

Scouting the area for the most ideal locations to photograph the happy couple, Joe quickly encountered his first and biggest obstacle of the day: weather! “It was around 100 degrees, which anyone can agree is hot, but the humidity was off the charts! The first thing I thought was ‘how am I going to get the bridal party outside for more than five minutes?’”

Bride in her bridal suite getting her wedding dress zipped by her bridesmaids.

To combat the heat, Joe immediately started looking for indoor alternatives with the most potential. “The first things I look for when I enter a wedding venue is the amount of natural light, and how big of a room I have to work with. I was excited because the venue had a massive bridal preparation suite that allowed me to shoot full-body on a 50mm, which isn’t always the case.”

Black and white of the bride staring into the camera with her wavy hair cascading down her shoulders.

Just as important as the location, or MORE, is the bride and groom themselves. How comfortable they are in front of the camera, and how willing they are to take direction from their wedding photographer has a massive impact on how the photos turn out! “I got very lucky with this couple. The bride was a model so they already knew how important it was to trust me in posing them and following advice.”

The bridal party standing in a V-formation in front of the star barn wedding venue.

Despite the heat, Joe, Megan, Christopher, and their bridal party were able to capture incredible outdoor wedding photos, which according to Joe, has just as much to do with the photographer’s personality and charisma as it does their photography knowledge.  

Bride and groom smiling at one another outside their venue on a sunny summer day.

“As a wedding photographer, I think some of the most critical characteristics are being social and perceptive. I need to be able to make them comfortable enough to hug and kiss on camera and recognize when they need a break. You also need the stamina to take harsh conditions in stride so the bride and groom will happily go along with your suggestions.”

The bride and groom entering their reception, held in a large renovated barn, to the applause of their guests.

At the end of the day, for any photographer, the most important thing is making sure their clients leave thrilled with their wedding photos and the overall experience. “Despite being drenched in sweat we were all so happy with the way these photos turned out. It felt like a huge accomplishment!”

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