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When a single moment drastically changes the course of your life, is it merely a coincidence or the workings of fate? A chance meeting on the other side of the world, that would lead to marriage nearly a decade later by most accounts would qualify as the latter.

Growing up in military families, Nonica and Jeremy spent their final year of elementary school in Japan where their fathers were stationed. Unlike the typical love at first sight love story we’ve grown accustomed to hearing, theirs was quite the opposite. Their competitive nature and similar background led them to become rivals! At such a young age they were unaware that their rivalry actually stemmed from an underlying affection, and it wasn’t until later when they had returned to their homes in California and Florida, that they realized how special their relationship was to one another. After reconnecting on social media, they began a long-distance relationship, and after high school Nonica packed her bags and moved to Florida to attend the University of Central Florida with her long-time and no longer long-distance boyfriend, Jeremy.

After 8 years together, Jeremy planned a proposal that brought together all the best elements of their relationship; adventure, travel and a bit of silliness with a trip to France, kicking off day one at Disneyland Paris. “He booked a gorgeous hotel next to the park. He planned it so that we were approached by a Disney Employee stating that we had won a prize for a great view of the castle during the firework show. We were escorted to the very front of the beautiful pink castle, in a roped off area with just me and him. About 5 minutes prior to the start of the show, he went down on one knee and proposed while those on the other side of the rope cheered and congratulated us. It was a beautiful way to propose in a gorgeous city, and at Disney too!”

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Spending their significant years together, having adventures and taking trips to Disneyworld, it was only fitting that their magical day incorporated the magic of Disney as well. “The Wedding Pavilion overlooks the Cinderella Castle in the distance and was only a 5-minute walk from our hotel, the Grand Floridian. It has beautiful details like the Cinderella Coach in the windows, a giant chandelier and just felt perfect.” The perfect setting was arranged, but of course the most special moments for the bride and groom were ones they shared with each other. “My favorite part was when I heard Jeremys beautiful vows. It of course made me cry and have flashbacks of all the times we stayed up late to savor every moment we had together before one of us would leave.”

Jeremy’s favorite moment was when he opened Nonica's present at the gift exchange. “It was a simple wooden ornament that said "Our First Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Tran." Before that moment, I always assumed Nonica was going to keep her last name, "Santiago." It was a great source of pride for her, so I never pushed her to change it. Reading the engraving on that ornament, I instantly knew what her gift was, she was going to become Nonica Tran. It was the greatest surprise I could ever ask for!”

Their next adventure as husband and wife is returning to where it all began for their honeymoon in Tokyo, Japan, visiting none other than Tokyo Disney!

Experience a fairy tale wedding come true at Nonica and Jeremy’s Disney Wedding

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