More Tips For Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress


Remain Open-Minded

After working with brides on a daily basis, bridal consultants swear by this rule. Oftentimes, dresses look completely different on an actual person than they do when hanging on a rack. We remember a bride who was dead set against wearing an antique lace dress, but once she tried it on, she never wanted to take it off!  

Don’t Get Hung Up On Size

Bridalwear sizes often run much smaller than ready-to-wear clothes, so if you are normally a size 6, your wedding dress might be a size 10. The worst mistake that you can make is to buy a dress that is too small and try to force yourself into it. You certainly don’t want to split a seam at the altar or on the dance floor. It’s important for you to purchase the correct size to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. After all, seamstresses can easily take a dress in, but it is much more difficult to let a dress out.


Dress Fittings

If you have finally found the perfect dress, then you have achieved a huge milestone in your wedding planning journey. However, it’s far from over because you will most likely need two to three fittings to customize the dress to fit you perfectly. Ideally, your first fitting appointment will occur two to four months before your wedding. We recommend having your shoes, undergarments, and accessories ready at this time. How does the dress feel? Are the straps staying put? If your dress is strapless, is it able to hold up well on its own, or is it falling down? See what adjustments need to be made, and go in for another fitting if needed. Your final fitting should be one to two weeks before your wedding, and be sure to bring a friend to help you into your gown.

Go Over Your Contract

You will need to put down a deposit so that you can order your dress, but before you place your deposit you will have to sign a contract with your bridal consultant. Read through this contract thoroughly to see if the dress can be shipped out of state, what the cancellation policy is, and the fee for alterations. It’s important to make sure that you are clear on the specifications of your dress so that there are no surprises later on.

Shopping for your dress is not your only responsibility as a bride. If you are searching for a wedding photographer, then check out our wedding and engagement photographers in Newport Beach. Contact Yours Truly Media today to learn more.