Winter weddings may not be as popular as their summer counterpart, but they can be breathtakingly beautiful. Moonlight glimmering off of a sheet of unbroken snow provides a magical atmosphere that requires little decoration. Couple that with the fact that venue costs can often be reduced in the winter months, and a winter wedding date begins to look like the perfect option. Except there is one slight hiccup: Winter is cold! But never fear, we have you and your guests covered with ways to overcome the cold so you can have the perfect winter wedding!

The Bridal Party

Many of your guests will be able to park their cars and walk directly into the venue, but this isn’t necessarily the case for the bridal party. With your snowy winter backdrop, naturally you will want to take some outdoor pictures. If you don’t want everyone looking miserable in your outdoor photos, consider choosing long dresses paired with a warm shawl. This option, while classy and beautiful, gives your bridesmaids the opportunity to wear thermal leggings and warm boots without ruining the integrity of your pictures. With everyone warm and cozy, you won’t be rushing through your outdoor session and the genuine smiles will look a whole lot better than forced grins through chattering teeth.

Protect your Guests During an Outdoor Ceremony

If you plan on doing an outdoor ceremony, we’d advise you keep it short! Any longer than 15 - 20 minutes in frigid temperatures and people’s attention will begin to shift from your ceremony to thoughts of getting warm. Regardless of the length of the ceremony, be sure to inform your guests in advance that the ceremony will be outdoors, so they can dress accordingly.

As some people will inevitably underdress, having some blankets available, paired with heat lamps and a complimentary cup of hot chocolate can make for the coziest of ceremonies. Additionally, we suggest discussing a plan B with your venues, in case mildly cold weather happens to transform into a subzero blizzard.


Choosing the Venue

A venue with large glass windows and stone floors may be lovely, but it is certainly not the best option when it comes to warding off the cold. Venues with wood flooring, and adequate space to assure your seating arrangement keeps tables away from doors and windows that could let in the cold winter air, will go a long way in keeping everyone comfortable. If you absolutely fall in love with a venue that doesn’t provide the best insulation, you can still improve the room temperature with options such as rugs and space heaters. Some venues even have fireplaces which are great for generating heat in an inexpensive manner.


A Winter Themed Dining Experience  

One way to keep everyone warm and happy is by filling their bellies with warm and delicious food. You can stick to the winter theme with warm starters such as a seasonal soup or a bowl of chili.

For beverages, you can’t go wrong with a hot chocolate bar. To add some spice to it, consider offering additional toppings: marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, liqueurs, Baileys and more! Think about what your favorite foods of the season are and see how they fit into your menu for a fine, fun and unique dining experience.

Let it Snow

If winter is your favorite time of year then it’s only fitting that one of your fondest memories should fall on a wintery night. Embrace the beauty of a snowy winter wonderland with the above tips, and enjoy all your favorite parts of the holiday season during your cozy winter wedding day.  

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Paul Bolton