A bride in a flowing white dress with her veil flowing behind her in the wind.

When it comes to wedding videography, there are two main styles that you will often find offered by videographers; journalistic and cinematic. Whether a journalistic or cinematic video style is best for you is a matter of preference, but the subtle differences between the two can be the difference between loving your wedding video or feeling disappointed with the end result. Today we’ll be helping you find the right videography style for your wedding video by guiding you through the differences between journalistic and cinematic wedding videography.  

Journalistic Wedding Videography 

Journalistic wedding videos are sometimes referred to as documentary videos because of their straight forward approach to capturing the day. Journalistic wedding videos tend to document the wedding day in a strictly linear fashion to help you better remember the order of events. The finished product tells a story from the start of the wedding day to the end of the wedding day, and will sometimes include sound bites to share the narrative of the event. Common sound bites you will find in most journalistic wedding videos include important moments from the wedding ceremony and reception such as the exchange of vows or toasts from the bridal party. 

Journalistic wedding videographers have a tendency to remain in the background, so as not to cause any distractions for you and guests, which can be a great option for capturing moments in a candid fashion.  

A bride and groom cutting their wedding cake.

Cinematic Wedding Videography

Cinematic wedding videos are shot more in the style of a movie, with an emphasis on the emotional aspect of the big day. Cinematic videographers incorporate music, special effects, or montages into the film to complement the emotions that you and your guests were feeling at that particular moment.

Generally, cinematic wedding cinematographers interact with the wedding party quite a bit, and will even set up scenes up in a similar fashion to wedding photographers in instances when doing so will help tell the story of your wedding day. The qualities of journalistic and cinematic videography styles aren’t mutually exclusive and can overlap to capture your day in a way that is both informative and emotional.

Our wedding videographers at Yours Truly Media will work with you to customize your film, so that everytime you watch your wedding video it is remembered in exactly the way you always dreamed of. 

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