How you design your invitations plays a crucial role in the wedding planning process. The colors, shape, embroidery, and envelope choices are major decisions. However, how the invitations look is not always the main concern. One detail most couples forget: the invitation wording! 



Several factors will contribute to how you will word your wedding invitations in regard to who is hosting the special day. 

  • Are the bride’s parents paying for the entire wedding?

  • Are both bride and groom's parents contributing?

  • Maybe you and your fiancé are also helping out with the cost?

While the support and assistance from everyone is beautiful and appreciated, it also makes your wording on those invites that much more complicated. Especially in situations where both sets of parents are divorced and all are contributing. Trying to show respect and appreciation on your invitation for all involved without it being overwhelming is tricky, but extremely doable! Do your research and find something that is comfortable for everyone who is contributing to the financial aspects. This makes for a smoother process for the rest of the planning and the big day. 



Additional questions to ask yourself when wording your invites: 

  • Is your wedding going to be more of a formal affair or casual?

  • Day or night ceremony?

  • In a church or on a beach?

  • Will you have a reception immediately after or will there be some time in between?

  • Do you plan on having kids attend or adults only?

Your invitation is your way to not only inform your guests of who is hosting, but also where, when, and what that day will be like. Guests tend to get a vibe from invitations as to how formal or casual a wedding will be. This helps determine the dress code, if extra guests will be allowed, if they need to find a babysitter or not, and how traditional the wedding will be. Be sure to present your expectations for that day through the design and wording of your invites.



Here’s a little something to get you started:

More of a formal approach in the case of divorced parents and all contributing:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Along with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jacob

Request the honor of your presence 

At the marriage of their daughter

Jane Smith


Michael Brown

Son of Joe Brown and Mary Park

On Sunday, the fourteenth of July

At five in the evening

(insert wedding location, adults only, cocktail hour and reception to follow, etc)


On a more casual approach:

Jane Smith


Michael Brown

Together with their parents 

Invite you to their wedding

Sunday, July 14th

At 5:00 in the evening


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