How To Select Bridesmaid Dresses


As a bride, not only are you tasked with selecting the ultimate wedding dress for yourself, but you are also tasked with deciding what type of dress that your bridesmaids will wear. It’s hard enough selecting a dress for yourself, so you can only imagine how difficult it may be to pick a dress for your bridesmaids. Back in the day, bridesmaids all wore the same cut and color dress, which seemed to be universally unflattering for everyone involved. However, bridesmaids dresses today are worn in a variety of ways that are able to please both the bride and the bridesmaids alike. Whether you have two bridesmaids or eight, we’ve offered some advice to make them look amazing!

Plan In Advance

No matter what look you end up selecting for your bridesmaids, make sure that you make your decision six to eight months before the wedding. This ensures that all the bridesmaids are clear about your expectations and have plenty of time to purchase the dress and to make any necessary alterations.

Keep Cost In Mind

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows the cost involved in participating in a wedding. Do your bridesmaids have to travel from another state to your wedding? If the cost of simply participating in the wedding is high, then make sure that you select affordable attire for your bridesmaids.


Allow Options

Today’s weddings allow much more room for flexibility and creativity than weddings of the past. If you would like, you can select the color, length, and fabric of the dress and let your bridesmaids take it from there. This ensures that each bridesmaid will select a dress that is flattering to her figure that is also unified with the dresses of the rest of the bridal party.

“Universally Flattering”

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no such thing as a dress that is universally flattering of women of all shapes and sizes. This is not Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; this is real life. Unless all of your bridesmaids have the exact same height, body shape, and coloring, you cannot find one dress that is universally flattering.

Be Upfront

Do your bridesmaids have a dress in a fabric that will need to be steamed before the wedding ceremony? Let them know to avoid any confusion prior to the wedding day.

Keep The Weather In Mind

If you are having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer, make sure that you select bridesmaids dresses that are not made out of heavier fabrics. You don’t want for your bridesmaids to be sweaty and fidgety because they are so uncomfortable during the ceremony.

Break The Rules!

The best thing about rules are that they are made to be broken! We encountered a bride who told asked some of her bridesmaids to wear long, neutral colored dresses and some to wear long, brighter-colored dresses. The bridesmaids stood in a formation alternating between bright and neutral colored dresses, and the end result was stunning.

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Paul Bolton