The Guests Guide on What to Wear to a Fall Wedding



Knowing what to wear for a wedding at any time of year presents unique challenges, but wedding guests attending a fall wedding may find the choice even more difficult. You’ll no doubt want to dress in attire appropriate for a wedding, but also be comfortable for the unpredictable fall temperatures which can range from hot to cold, and just right. Stop wondering and know exactly what to wear with our guests' guide on what to wear to any fall wedding!

Casual Daytime  

Daytime weddings remain popular and lucky for you, the dress code for daytime weddings all typically more casual. Wedding guests invited to a casual daytime wedding ceremony have many options, so much so, that you may even have the perfect fall attire hanging in your closet already. Ladies can wear a skirt and blouse, a dress, and even slacks depending on your preference and comfort level. For fall colors that will look great in photos, warmer tones and darker hues will be more appropriate for the season. Keep it classy by pairing your fall outfit with heels or dress boots. 

To prepare for changing temperatures, which can drop significantly once the sun goes down, wear a second layer that you can easily remove or replace as needed. If you are questioning whether your attire is overly casual, make sure to refer to the couple’s wedding invite or wedding website. If not explicitly stated, don’t be afraid to reach out directly. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as an angry bride is nothing to scoff at.   

Late Afternoon/Early Evening

If you are set to be a guest at a fall wedding taking place in the late afternoon/early evening, the question then becomes whether it’s considered a daytime wedding where casual attire is more appropriate, or an evening wedding that tends to be more formal. Instead of trying to guess one way or the other, select an outfit that will look appropriate either way. This can mean opting for a dress instead of a blouse and creating some versatility with layers such as cardigans or jackets that you can add or remove to make your fall wedding attire more casual or formal at the drop of a hat. Jewelry and shoes can also be the difference between casual and formal so keep a 2nd pair in your car and an alternative set of jewelry in your handbag just in case. 

Elegant Evening 

Since weddings are lengthy events, the fall festivities often begin during daytime hours and proceed well into the night, but just because the sun is still shining when you arrive does NOT make it casual. In this case, you will want to add some elegance to your evening attire by adding some accessories such as a nice pair of heels, jewelry such as layered necklaces, a nice watch, or cinching up a classy belt.

For the foundation, a cocktail dress is a great option, or if the invitation specifies a black-tie event, you can’t go wrong with a floor-length gown. Since this is a fall wedding, darker colors such as burgundy and navy are both classy and fit the season.

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