Gift Ideas For People Who Helped With Your Wedding


Bride walking down a stone pathway with her parents.

With all the minor details and major expenses that go into planning a wedding, it often requires more attention than two people are capable of. Although asking people for help with your wedding may not always be easy, it can be the difference between months of constant stress, and sincere enjoyment of the process. If you want to show gratitude for the generosity of your family and friends who pitched in, here are some of our favorite gift ideas for people that helped you with your wedding. 

Handwritten Letters

The days of putting pen to paper appears to be a thing of the past, but that is exactly why handwritten notes have become such a meaningful way to thank people for helping with your wedding. Taking the time to sit down and write a note, expresses a level of sincerity and appreciation that emails, text messages and other online formats don’t seem to have.

Plus, the thought that goes into these letters, allows you time to reflect on why you’re grateful and the memories that you cherish from your wedding, which is such a wonderful gift for both of you.

Wedding Photo Book

Often times, our parents are the ones who help us the most with our wedding; financially or through their support. Although your wedding day holds a special place in your heart, that day holsters such incredible love within your parents’ as well.

Alongside the significance of their child beginning a new chapter in life, your wedding day signifies the union of your two families. It is the day your parents welcome a new son/daughter into their lives as well as a number of in-laws. One of the best gifts you can give your parents for their help with your wedding is a photo book that captures all those precious memories. Instead of mirroring the photo book you may have chosen for yourself, try choosing pictures that capture moments your parents would especially enjoy. Is there an amazing photo of the daddy-daughter dance? Is there a specific part of the wedding your parents helped plan that turned out incredible?

Creating something that they can constantly reflect back on, is one of the greatest ‘Thank You’s’ they could receive.

Bride dancing with her father

Host a Homemade Dinner

With the busyness of life, time to sit down for home-cooked meals seems to be slim. Therefore, we recommend using any excuse to get your loved ones together! If there is a group of people who helped with your wedding you’d like to thank for their time and support, host them in your home for a homemade dinner. This, paired with the reveal of your wedding photos, handwritten cards or a heartfelt toast could be the ‘thank you’ they never knew they needed.

Fund a Spa Day or a Night Out  

As you are well aware, weddings are completely exhausting. Once it’s over, you want nothing more than to take a deep breath, sit back, and relax. Luckily for you, that is usually in the form of a honeymoon. But, some of those that helped us the most with our weddings don’t enjoy that same luxury post-wedding day.

One of the best ways to help people with relaxation is by forcing them to do so! Gift the people you are especially thankful for with gift cards out to their favorite restaurant or by making a reservation at a local spa, forging the way for a relaxing experience.

Creative Touch: Consider presenting it in a way that connects to your honeymoon. For example, “These newlyweds are off to relax, so you should too! Thank you for all your hard work in making our dream wedding come true. Enjoy a dinner at _____, because we’re so thankful for you!”

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Some additional gift ideas

  • Email their close friends and relatives asking them to finish the sentence “I’ll never forget the time…”. Print out the responses, put them in a jar and gift it to the friend and/or parents that you’re especially thankful for.

  • Personalized items based on their hobbies.

  • An embroidered handkerchief they can use on your wedding day

  • A bottle of wine you served at your wedding.

  • Engraved jewelry such as a pocket watch or locket.

  • A painting, canvas print or nicely framed photo from your wedding.

With Love and Sincerity

No matter what you decide to do to thank those that helped with your wedding, the most important thing is that they feel your love and sincere appreciation. Think about the relationship that you have with the person you’re looking to thank and tailor their gift ideas, big or small, to that unique bond.

When we feel an appreciation for those we love, it’s important to share that. A ‘Thank You’ goes a long way!

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