Baha'i Temple | Wilmette, IL

Engaged couple standing on landscaped lawn in front of the baha’i temple.
Couple sit on white stairs while woman reclines into mans arms.
Engaged couple on stone pathway kissing.
Couple hugging in front of an outdoor in-ground pool.
Man carrying his fiance in front of a stone temple.
Engaged couple sits on rocks in front of lake Michigan.
Engaged couple kiss with Lake Michigan in the background.
Couple writes their names in the sand.
A couples initials etched in the sand surrounded by a heart.
Man carries woman’s shoes as they kiss on the beach.
Man carrying his fiance in his arms as he kisses her on the beach.
Engaged couple embracing on a rooftop.
Close up engaged couple smiling at each other.
Man kisses his fiances forehead.
Engaged couple kissing on a garden walkway.

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