COUPLE OF THE WEEK l Cristina & Spencer

Gallery 1028 l Chicago, IL

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College and the immediate time thereafter is a time of decision making. You decide on your career, where you want to live and how you want your post-student life to look like. For Cristina and Spencer, although they may not have known it yet, it was also during this time that they would decide who it was they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

During the transitional phase after graduating college, Cristina and Spencer both had the same idea to work a part-time job at Buffalo Wild Wings while they decided their future. Great minds think alike after all. Meeting at work, their relationship not only extended far beyond that of co-workers, it transcended the uncertain time after college to help them paint the picture of their future.

Over the next five years of growing together, Cristina and Spencer built a relationship that was full of trust, fun, and unconditional love. Which made it easy for Spencer to realize that Cristina was the one.

At the start of the new year with change in the air, Spencer made a decision that would not only affect the new year but the rest of their lives. “We were on a trip to Iceland. It was sunrise on New Year's Eve morning and we drove out to a beautiful secluded lake. He had me face the lake while he took a scenic "picture" from behind me. He asked me to turn back around and when I did, he was down on one knee!”



To find the perfect venue for their big day, they returned from Iceland to one of the most architecturally iconic cities in the world: Chicago. “We fell in love with the rustic feeling as well as the history. At Gallery 1028, it was the pre-Chicago Fire wood floors and brick that we loved most about the venue.”

During a day full of beautiful moments, it’s difficult to single out a particular moment as the favorite, but as a couple making their dreams of marriage come true, it’s impossible to not feel joy at the moment they finally became husband and wife. “It was all so great, but the whole ceremony itself was probably the most memorable.”

With their new life as a married couple just beginning, the excitement they felt could only be matched by their two loving pups. “We wish our 2 amazing dogs could have been there to celebrate with us but they were so happy when Mom & Dad came home as a married couple! Luckily they captured it all on camera so they can relive the day together.  

Check out Cristina and Spencer’s Chicago winter wonderland wedding below!

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