The Rosenberg Skyroom | San Antonio, TX

Wedding Videography - San Antonio, TX - Bride and groom dancing.


When the right person enters your life, all it takes is a small spark to light up both your worlds in a way you’ve never experienced. It was the birthday celebration of a common friend that first brought Tina and Nick together, but it was their shared love for something much more subtle that forged the connection that led to their first date; Disney!

“On our first date we were pressed for time but regardless, we had a wonderful time. Our non-stop laughing was enough to get a girl asking if Nick was the guy I wanted for myself. Learning of his love for adventure and his everything will fall into place attitude on our first few dates made me realize he was.”

Meeting while still in college and working towards building their careers meant that any plans for marriage would have to wait, but for Tina and Nick, it gave them the chance to prove that their best interests were always the top priority. “Nick and I dated for almost 7 years before getting engaged. Both of us understood that we wanted the best for one another, even if it meant waiting to get married.”

The wait turned out to be well worth it, as Nick’s intimate knowledge of Tina’s personality allowed him to give her the most exciting surprise of her life. “Nick and I have a deep understanding of one another which makes it very difficult to surprise me. I can always tell when something’s up. One morning, Nick woke me up saying we needed to leave ASAP. We rushed out of the house before I had time to ask any questions, and while Nick and I were power walking to the car he stops, gets down on one knee and proposes!”

Wedding Videography - San Antonio, TX - Bride and groom kissing as a performers serenade them at the head table.


With a fondness for their home city of San Antonio, they both knew it was the only place suitable to exchange their vows as they joined one another in the marriage they had waited so patiently for. “We both love our city very much and knew the perfect place was one that had a view of our city skyline we could enjoy as we danced the night away. The Rosenberg Skyroom, having an amazing view and located near downtown San Antonio, fit the criteria.”

After seven years together, culminating into this one special occasion, their favorite moments can be narrowed down to three special memories; “walking down the aisle, our first dance, and Nick building the LEGO Wedding Favor Set on our sweetheart table!”

In the end, their big day came full circle from their first conversation, with a Disney themed wedding! “Nick had a Chewbacca grooms’ cake, we had the Disney Castle displayed on the wall, and we had R2D2 next to our cakes. Our wedding day was full of the Disney stories that first brought us together!”

Join Tina & Nick in their Disney themed wedding by watching their wedding video below!

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