The Grandview | Poughkeepsie, NY



When you truly find the one, you are comfortable sharing every side of yourselves. From the first time Myat and Sharon met, in the company of friends, sharing laughter and singing songs during a night of karaoke, they were able to see each other in a genuine light. What they saw was enough to spark their journey from new acquaintances to a happily married couple.

Both enrolled in Hunter College at the time they met provided the perfect opportunity for Myat to ask Sharon for her number, and the chance to further their relationship. By the time summer ended and they were ready for their first day of school, they were also ready to take their relationship from friendship to something more.

Their first date proved to be a night that they wished would never end, and proved to Sharon how much Myat cared for her, traveling with her to her front door to make sure she was safely home despite living in different boroughs. But the thing that truly proved to Sharon he was the one was his relationship with her family. “He charmed every family member that met him, and they all saw how much he cared about me. Soon family events just weren’t the same unless I could bring Myat along.”

After 5 years together, it was finally the perfect time to pop the question in an unforgettable way. “Every year, we would go on a trip to the Poconos. I was so excited about the proposal that I even bought a ring box that would record her reaction. Since Sharon and I both love the outdoors we went on a hiking trail at Hawk Falls. Disguising the moment as a photoshoot, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife.”



Living in the largest city in the country, Sharon and Myat had plenty of choices to host their wedding day but when they arrived at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie, they knew they had found the location of their big day. “A waterfront right on the Hudson, mountain views and a bridge view, it was very scenic and beautiful and we immediately fell in love. The other aspect was their dinner options. Myat and I are big foodies and we knew we wanted to share our love for food with our guests. Their floating dock in the river to take pictures on really sealed the deal.”

Despite the beautiful view from the venue, it was the view of his soon-be-wife in her wedding gown that was the peak of Myat’s day. “Sharon looked so beautiful when I first saw her in her wedding dress. It felt magical and very real at the same time. I also really enjoyed the couple’s session after the ceremony. We got amazing photos that really solidified my memories of the wedding.”

For Sharon, along with the first look, there was nothing more special than hearing them pronounced husband and wife. “Realizing that the rest of our lives were finally going to begin was super exciting! I was so grateful that I was able to share this joy with our family and friends!”

Experience some of Sharon & Myat’s favorite moments by checking out their wedding video below! 

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