COUPLE OF THE WEEK | Samantha & Joseph


Stonetree Bay Club | Novato, CA

Groom in navy suit kisses bride on her forehead.


Spring of 2014 is a season Samantha and Joseph will always remember as one of the most fateful and precious times of their lives. Joseph, working a job in retail, encountered love at first sight that spring on the day his new co-worker, Samantha arrived. For Samantha, a local college student, it was simply the first day of a new job, but for Joseph, it was a moment he will forever recall in perfect detail, down to the pattern and color of her clothes.  

Quickly becoming friends, they spent as much time as possible in each other’s company. “It started with Joe asking me out for a drink. Drinks turned into movies, gym workouts, baseball games, etc. To this day we don’t know which was our first date, however, our first kiss was at an evening River Cats game that summer.”

Their time together formed an inseparable bond, which led Samantha to finally bring Joseph to meet her family. “The day Joseph met my parents, aunt, and uncle for the first time was the day I realized he was the one. We shared so many laughs that day. I remember thinking he’s the one I want to be with forever.”

Soon after, Joseph's career led him away from Samantha but their relationship never faltered. Instead, it set the scene for a beautiful proposal. “The first weekend in August my mother (after conspiring with my future husband) mentioned planning a welcome home party for Joseph. We hosted it at a beautiful winery called Helwig. Joseph decided to make a speech about his year away and then got down on one knee and told me ‘Samantha Marie Calkins, you are my best friend and I love you, will you marry me?” I was completely blown away!

Bride holding a pink bouquet smiles as she and her husband exit their wedding ceremony.


Back in their home state of California, they began the search for their perfect venue, finding it in Novato, CA. “Stonetree Bay Club had an amazing setup for the ceremony location. We were immediately drawn to the almost castle-like clubhouse, the green ivy wall, and the sea of green you can view from the balcony.”

After 10 months of planning, their wedding day arrived blessed with perfect temperatures and a gentle breeze from the bay. With the scene set, all that was left to do was enjoy their perfect day. “Some of my best moments of the day were getting ready with my girls and my mom, the first look with my father down the ivy wall pathway, and the look on Joseph’s face when he saw me for the first time walking down the aisle, which is of course his favorite moment!”

Share in the joy of Samantha and Joseph’s Novato, CA wedding by watching their wedding video below!

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