COUPLE OF THE WEEK | Nicole & Dave


Campovida | Hopland, CA

Groom standing behind his bride with his arms wrapped around her while she holds a bouquet.


Nicole and Dave met January 2016 in Lake Tahoe. Both were in town to celebrate the New Year’s weekend with friends and happened to end up at the same bar one night. “Being the true gentleman that he is, Dave made his way over to the bar where me and my friend were chatting, and offered to buy us drinks”, Nicole recalls.

Dave and Nicole started chatting – both intrigued by each other’s charm and warm smiles – and pleasantly surprised by how natural and easy conversation came. But the night was young, and their friends were anxious to move on, so they bid farewell and parted ways. It was hours later that same night when they bumped (almost literally) into each other again. They ended up dancing the night away and when it came time to part ways, Dave made sure to get Nicole’s phone number.

With Dave residing in Novato, CA at the time, and Nicole in San Jose, almost a month would pass before they would finally go out on their first date. The two dated for about a year and a half before becoming engaged. During that time, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, and the perfect flower girl any one could ever ask for.

Dave proposed to Nicole on Mother’s Day 2017 while surrounded by both of their loved ones. Dave passed their daughter Harper to Nicole and it took a moment for her to process that Dave had changed Harper’s outfit into a new white onesie that read “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”. Of course she said yes, and their journey to planning the perfect wedding began. 

Groom kissing his bride on a natural trail between gnarled trees.


When it came to picking the perfect venue, Dave and Nicole fell in love with Campovida because of its magical allure, expansive gardens, and gorgeous vineyards. The vintage hop barn with its dim candelabra and chandelier lighting created the perfect vibe. “The entire venue is mystical and just want to walk and explore and soak in the natural beauty surrounding you”, said bride Nicole.

Their favorite part of the day was the ceremony. With Dave’s sister as their officiant and their daughter as the flower girl, it was full of emotions from start to finish. Laughs, tears, family, and beautiful memories – the definition of perfection.

Check out Nicole and Dave’s Campovida wedding video below to see their perfect day and all of its breathtaking moments.

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