COUPLE OF THE WEEK | Madison & Nathan


Orcutt Ranch | West Hills, CA

Bride his her arms around her grooms neck.


First impressions have always been important, but in the world of today’s online dating culture, the in-person introduction is usually the first and last chance a person has to kindle the beginnings of a long-term relationship. In the case of Madison and Nathan, their first impression went better than either of them could have ever imagined. In fact, it went so well that their first date led to a year-long relationship that would eventually blossom into a beautiful proposal of marriage.

After being introduced on the popular dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel, Madison and Nathan met for the first time at Priscilla's Coffee in Burbank. Their conversation over the next few hours spanned from stories of their lives, to in-depth discussions of religion, travel, and family. It didn’t take long for the soon to be couple to realize the rare connection they shared. “I knew Nathan was the one about a month or so after dating. It just clicked. He is funny, intelligent, and loves his family. We could be weird together and laugh together, and we quickly spent all of our time together. We became best friends and partners in life. We became inseparable.” To celebrate their one-year anniversary, the beautiful couple hopped on a ship for a romantic cruise through the ocean waters off the coast of Mexico.

With such a romantic atmosphere and previous discussions of marriage, it’s easy to imagine Madison’s disappointment when the shoreline reappeared with no ring in sight! “I was secretly hoping a proposal might happen on the ship, and when it never did, I told myself not to be disappointed, we had discussed waiting a few more months to save up for a ring anyway.” To top it off, when they arrived at Nathan’s parents house after finishing the cruise, Nathan hopped out of the car and ran straight into the house without looking back! But all love stories have a happy ending. When Madison entered the house, there was Nathan on one knee with an engagement ring in his outstretched hand, along with all of their closest friends and family. “Our proposal turned into an engagement party. It was the best!!!” The perfect close to a year of love and laughter.

Bride and groom kissing to the awe of their bridal party.


The perfect day requires the perfect location and that is exactly what Madison and Nathan found after exploring the Orcutt Ranch in West Hills. With lush manicured gardens and towering oaks, the Orcutt Ranch created a perfect setting for their outdoor wedding. “It was absolutely beautiful and had so many fun alcoves and walking paths. We got married under a gorgeous tree in a beautiful secluded area.” Looking back on their perfect day, there are a few moments that stand out to them as particularly heartwarming. “The ceremony was beautiful and touching, but we also just loved spending time with our loved ones during the reception and after-party. Our wedding was a way for us to invite our loved ones into our lives and see the love we share. It was wonderful!” Alas, even a perfect day can have its regrets such as missing out on delicious, freshly cooked tacos! “After dinner and dessert (an hour before the wedding ended), we had a taco guy come and grill up fresh tacos for wedding guests! We both love tacos but the day went by so fast and there was so much going on, that we didn't eat!” Despite that minor set-back it’s clear that given the choice, this gorgeous couple would do it all again from the first coffee shop date, to an outdoor dream wedding in a heartbeat.

Check out Madison and Nathan’s romantic West Hills wedding at Orcutt Ranch! 

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