COUPLE OF THE WEEK · Kelly & Brian




Before deciding to spend their lives together, Kelly and Brian were already doing so on nearly a daily basis. Growing up in the same neighborhood, Kelly and Brian’s first meeting was in their first-grade classroom. Attending the same primary and secondary schools they shared a similar background, but even upon high school graduation, any prospect of a meaningful relationship was still years away from forming.  


Four years later, Kelly received a nostalgic message from her childhood friend. Despite college taking them to different states, their conversation led Brian to drive from Massachusetts the following weekend to meet Kelly in New York.

Kelly, leaving a wedding to meet Brian, had no idea that it would eventually lead to her own wedding, but after that night she recognized there was something special. “After years of not seeing him I was a nervous wreck, but Brian is so down to earth and comforting he made me feel like we had been best friends forever.”


Visiting Brian at his University in Rhode Island, Kelly fell in love with the spectacular views of the Easton Bay. Making frequent visits after their college years ended, they organized a Memorial Day trip with their closest friends. After arriving, while Kelly was out with her friend, her friend requested a detour to one of Kelly’s favorite locations along the coast.

“I told her no at first! After she convinced me I pulled over to my favorite little out-cove where Brian had taken me. I was in the middle of sending him a picture and then I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Brian had the biggest smile on his face. He got down on one knee, said the sweetest things, and we cried and smiled until our cheeks hurt! Back at the house, everyone was waiting for us on the front lawn with balloons and champagne. It was magical!”



Never ones to rush, Kelly and Brian had determined to take their time looking for their wedding venue, but once they arrived at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, they knew it was perfect.  “We loved it from the moment we stepped inside. They have this beautiful warm wooden interior with ivory drapery and crystal chandeliers. It was our perfect idea of rustic elegance.”


Their perfect day was literally just that! “There isn’t one thing we would change about the day. Even the weather was perfect! We were really happy with our guest list. I come from a very large family and Brian has an amazing number of friends, but we knew that we couldn’t invite everyone. We couldn’t have been happier with those who were able to celebrate with us.”

Meeting in first grade and now beginning their married lives together, Kelly is truly Brian’s other half. “We can’t imagine life without one another.”

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